Sebaceous Cyst Treatment Options

The sebaceous cyst is also known as steatoma and can be defined as being a keratin retention being trapped under skin surface in a sebaceous sac made out of skin cells. These cysts are slow-growing and painless and can easily be diagnosed based on appearance.


The sebaceous cyst will be formed in most cases because of blocked glands, swollen follicles, high testosterone levels and skin trauma. Keratin stands out as a really strong protein that is really important for teeth, nails, hair and skin. It is actually made out mostly out of amino acids and dead cells.

The problem is that keratin is highly difficult to dissolve. Based on the quantity of cysteine disulfide that is included in keratin, bonds can be strong and lead towards cells like those that are found in our nails. As keratin becomes trapped inside a sebaceous cyst, it develops an unpleasant odor and resembles cheese.

Sebaceous Cyst Treatment

Treating Sebaceous Cysts

The simplest of all the ways to treat a sebaceous cyst is to drain it occasionally through an application of a warm wet cloth in order to soften contest. After the content is softened, you can squeeze it gently to drain contents. Many of the smaller cysts can even disappear without you doing anything.

In the event that you need a permanent approach, you will want to consider more advanced methods. In some cases it will also be necessary to take some antibiotics as cysts can become infected and then become really painful abscesses.

The cysts can be excised. In the past this was done through surgery. However, nowadays there are many alternatives that can be considered, many of them being less invasive, with electrolysis as being a really popular one. Although there are some situations in which the doctor needs to use advanced electrolysis, the method is still a lot better than surgery and recovery is so much shorter.

Be Careful

When referring to these cysts, we should also discuss the home remedies that are found on the internet. There are actually many pages that talk about various opportunities that people can take advantage of without going to the doctor. The problem is that most of the methods that you will find presented are aimed towards dealing with cysts that are not currently in a bad condition.

In the event that the cyst becomes infected or too painful, it is vital that you go to a doctor. This is due to the fact that the home remedies will not help out much. Unfortunately, most people become aware of the presence of these cysts when they are actually faced with pain or unpleasant odor. When that time arrives, the help of the doctor needs to be considered in a short period of time.