Try These 5 of the Best Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

If you are aware of some of the most dangerous effects of smoking, then you must positively use these 5 of the best natural ways to quit smoking. There are a lot of smokers who are well aware of the hazards of smoking, but still they are unable to quit this treacherous habit. Smoking is an unhealthy and bad habit and at the same time it is quite addictive and this is the reason why it is very difficult to quit smoking. Raised prices of cigarettes have had their effect on some smokers but the true addicts are found doing anything for their cigarettes. These people require the most effective help for quitting this spiteful habit.

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a drug-free and an effective method of quitting the habit of smoking. Acupuncture has a calming effect on the mind, helps in surviving the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine addiction like irritability, restlessness and jitters and also helps in enhancing serotonin levels in the body. The method has long term effects on the habit of smoking and thus it makes it easier for the smokers to quit this habit permanently. The only drawback associated with this treatment is that it is a bit expensive.

2. Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is the psycho-therapeutic method of bringing a smoker in a dream-like state so that he or she can realize the true feelings associated with smoking. The hypnotherapist generally aims towards planting the seed of negative feelings associated with smoking so that you stay motivated and at the same time stay away from smoking. Nevertheless, there is some confusion regarding the effectiveness of this method. There are some patients swear by the effectiveness of this method while experts disagree the effectiveness. There are some studies that prove that this method can be effective only for a very short span of time.


3. Herbal remedies

There are a number of herbs that can be used for quitting the habit of smoking. These herbs reduce cravings for cigarettes and even ease the withdrawal symptoms. Some of the most effective herbs that work wonders in helping an individual quit smoking the natural way include cayenne pepper, Rhodiola rosea, St. John’s wort and licorice. Cayenne pepper aids in controlling nicotine cravings. Licorice root helps in quitting the habit of smoking by satisfying oral fixation related to smoking. St. John’s wort is generally known to treat depression, but some studies show that this herb can also help in fighting nicotine addiction. Rhodiola rosea helps in surviving the withdrawal symptoms associated with the habit of smoking.

4. Massage

Self-massage can be very effective in helping you out curb the cravings for nicotine. You can simply try touching your hand or your ear and find that this calms your body and your mind and helps you in dealing with cravings. A massage given for minimum two minutes when in need of smoke lowers the rates of anxiety, improves your mood, has less withdrawal symptoms and you will find that you are smoking less.

5. Mindfulness Meditation

The practice of mindfulness meditation can help you in gaining success in the procedure of smoking cessation. People practicing mindfulness meditation are motivated to begin with a lifestyle that is healthy and this helps them in regulating cravings, experiencing less withdrawal stress and symptoms and in controlling emotion. Consider these 5 of the best natural ways to quit smoking and you will get the unsurpassed results.

Top 10 Tips for a Natural Labor

The top 10 tips for a natural labor can be very beneficial if you are a would-be mother. Preparing for childbirth is a daunting process. Natural labor can be very complicated, as there are no pain relievers or drugs that you can take and therefore it is a kind of masochist challenge. But, in spite of this fact, there are more and more women opting for natural labor because it is safe and healthy. There are no side effects associated with this kind of labor because you are not given body-numbing drugs that result in wooziness and heavy legs. All this can actually be achieved by following a few tips.

1. Stretch

Try massaging the perineal area using organic olive oil on a regular basis from the 34th week of your pregnancy. This really stretches and molds the flesh and even increases suppleness. This prepares you for a natural labor and also helps in the prevention of tears.

2. Talk

Discuss your expectations and beliefs of labor with your partner. Your partner will serve as your voice during childbirth. You must also ensure that all your preferences are properly included in the birth plan. You can even talk to other friends and pregnant mums.

3. Try staying at home

Pregnant women often feel very relaxed when they are at home. Try meeting other parents by contacting the home birth support group in your locality.

4. Breathe

Breathing is a common activity in every human being but when a person is in pain he or she stops breathing. During childbirth, it is very important to breathe deeply and strongly as this will get oxygen to your child, render the important energy that you require and will also help you in staying calm and relaxed.

Tips for a Natural Labor

5. The pelvis should be kept open

Lying flat on the back directly compresses the pelvis and this means that the pelvis will not open very easily. Upright position is the best position to keep the pelvis open and it also helps you in using gravity to get things moving.

6. Massage

Endorphins are the natural pain killers for the human body and using the touch mechanism can help increase the production of endorphins. Foot and hand massage during the latent phase of pregnancy can be very useful in keeping the body soothed and calm.

7. Using essential oils

There are different oils that encourage contractions and therefore they must not be used during childbirth. These oils can only be useful when you are done with your labor. Aromatherapy during labour can always be of good help in encouraging a natural labour.

8. Do yoga

Yoga is the perfect method of preparing for natural childbirth. It keeps the body flexible, strong and well-toned and thus helps in a natural labor.

9. Drink tea made from raspberry leaf

Tea made from raspberry leaf tones up the muscles of the uterine and thus makes pushing very easy. You should start drinking this tea in the last three weeks of your pregnancy.

10. Try homeopathy

Homeopathy also encourages a natural labor. Arnica serves as a natural healer and it also helps in preventing bruises. You can take Arnica in the last week of your pregnancy. Thus, following these top 10 tips for a natural labor, you can deliver your bundle of joy smoothly.

Helpful Tricks for Waking Up Earlier

Trying the tricks for waking up earlier in the morning might appear a bit difficult in the beginning but with perseverance, you will find appreciating the time that the tricks create for you. Valuing the benefits of getting up early in the morning is the most important thing that will help you in embracing success. If you are really bent on getting up early in the morning, then there is nothing that can stop you from fighting the laziness of your body. You will actually make sure that you get up when your alarm goes off in the morning.

Set alarm at the same time

Your body is a distinct animal of habit. If you get into the habit of getting up at a particular time regularly in the morning, then it becomes quite easy and even natural to wake up at the at time every day. On the other hand, if your body is not used to getting up at a particular time early in the morning, then a sudden wake up might work as a shock to your entire system. Nevertheless, you must persevere and try getting up at that particular time everyday so that your body gets used to it and this should be done even during weekends. This routine helps in setting your body clock at that particular time and will help you wake up spontaneously in the morning.

Helpful Tricks for Waking Up Earlier

Mind the ‘snooze’ button

The snooze button on your alarm clock or your cell phone is your enemy in the morning if you have this strong intention of waking up earlier. Try getting up at the time at which you have set up your alarm and do not use the snooze button at all. It is a button that will drop your body into lethargy and make it very difficult for you to wake up from bed. The longer you doze, the more difficult it turns out for your body to rise from bed. There is one trick that you can try at taking care of the snooze button and it is keeping the alarm clock quite away from your bed.

Be motivated

You should have that motivation and that desire to get up early if you really want to wake up earlier in the morning. Your mind will not get the chance of making excuses if you are really motivated to get up early and there is nothing that can stop you from doing so. You can also make a list of all those things that you need to do in the morning so that you have that tension to get up early so that you can do all the things within the scheduled time. Early morning is always productive because this is the time when the environment both within and outside the house is quite.

Go to bed when tired

Getting up early does not mean that you need to go to bed early. It might not be of any help and will get you in the bad habit of sleeping more than necessary. Therefore, you must only go to bed when you feel tired and when your body needs rest. Try these tricks for waking up earlier and you will find yourself getting a healthy mind and body.

How to Become an Exercise Addict

Learning how to become an exercise addict is not as difficult as it is thought to be. All you need to do or have is a mindset that does not deprive you from feeling at your best always. There are a lot of people who do not fail from their routine of visiting the gym or exercising on a regular basis in spite of their hectic schedules. These are people who are very obsessive about their workouts and the ones who cannot do without visiting the gym or without exercising. All of us have this potential of becoming fitness-obsessed, but we do not pay attention to this potential or this obsession.

Give time to your exercise regime

It is quite true that you need to give time to everything in order to make it a habit and the same applies to exercising as well. If you want to make exercising a habit, then you need to give it some time and this time can extend up to six weeks. It is after a period of six weeks that you will start noticing certain aesthetic changes in your body and once you notice these changes, it would be difficult for you to get back from this habit. It is only with time that exercising becomes a habit and as the statement goes, anything that becomes a habit, is hard to overcome.

How to Become an Exercise Addict

Get up early

Make it a habit to get up early in the morning. Rising up early is an exercise in its own way. Set the alarm on your watch and get everything ready for your workout session in the morning. Try working out at the same time regularly because this helps you in making exercise a habit very quickly. It has been proved through research that people who practice their exercise sessions in the morning stick to their workout in comparison to the ones who practice at other times during the day. This is because, people who work out in the morning do not fall prey to useless distractions that come one after the other during the daytime.

Find your forte

You might have failed in practicing a certain posture while exercising, but this does not mean that you have not been made for work outs. You must get hold of something that is suitable for you and your body and something that makes you enjoy your workout session. Try exercises that you enjoy doing and not the ones that you find difficult. This is because the difficult exercises would not be of any good for you because you will not do them properly and end up wasting your time. Instead, try exercises that you love doing so that you can do them perfectly and reap the best benefits out of them.

Get a trainer

It is always good to get a personal trainer whether you are a newbie into exercising or only for some guidance or motivation. Your trainer will help you in setting your goals and in developing plans to make everything happen for you. There are many people who find it difficult affording a personal trainer. Such people are unaware of the fact that just one or two sessions with a trainer is enough to get the magic working. Try practicing the above mentioned techniques when learning how to become an exercise addict.

Energy-Busting Yoga Moves

If you are looking for an instant boost of energy then it is always a good idea to try these energy-busting yoga moves that can help you relax your mind and body. Yoga is always of good help because it has the ability of smoothening your mood, providing you full energy when you feel tired and relaxes you in times of stress. You should always try and devote some time towards doing yoga from your busy schedule in order to reap the best benefits from the various poses practiced during your yoga sessions. People, who are familiar with yoga, are definitely familiar with the different yoga poses that help in busting energy.

Mountain pose

Mountain pose

Mountain pose is one pose that helps you focus on the alignment of your body and even on breathing. By practicing this pose for a few days you will notice a good drop in your everyday concerns and within a very short span of time you feel focused and relaxed. If you have a body schedule then it is best to practice mountain pose everyday for only a minute. You will be surprised at how this easy and simple pose refreshes and revitalizes your body and your mind. This pose renders instant energy and helps you in noticing everything very clearly.

Forward bend

Forward bend

There are a number of famous forward bend postures which you can practice very easily. All forward bend postures help in relieving stress. All you need to do is pick the most suitable and favorite forward bend posture and maintain it for minimum five breaths. While practicing this pose, you should try and inhale deeply as this helps in preventing dizziness. It is also very easy to create certain sequences with forward bends. The sequences that can be practiced with forward bends help you in relaxing and energizing the entire body.

Downward facing dog

Downward facing dog

Dogs are well aware of the technique of stretching. The downward facing dog posture is something that has been adopted from the dogs when they wake up. This posture stretches the muscles and prepares the entire body for instant action. This is one pose that renders a completely new perspective and helps your body in maintaining the health of the muscles while stretching.



Cobra pose helps you in stretching your back and it also works in the form of a wonderful corrective. This pose will help in easing the pain you feel in your back because of sitting for long hours in office. This pose should be maintained for just five breaths and the results would be evident immediately. You will find your back muscles relaxed and your body full of energy.

Extended mountain

Extended mountain

This is one pose where you need to stand in mountain posture and then start taking deep breaths inwards. This pose also requires you to lift both your arms outwards and place them over your head. This is one pose that relaxes your entire body and fills it with instant energy. Try these energy-busting yoga moves to get that long-desired energy at work and at play.

The Top Fat-Burning Foods

The top fat-burning foods are the ones that require the body to use more effort and energy to be able to digest them and therefore help the body in burning excess fat efficiently. It has been proved through research that the fat burning ability of protein is higher than the other important nutrients. This is because protein possesses the ability of producing and sustaining the muscle tissues that burn fat and at the same time protein cannot be stored by the body. Some common foods considered as fat burning food sources have been detailed below.

Egg whites

Egg whites

Egg whites occupy the first position in the list of top fat burning foods. Eggs are perfect foods because they can be prepared easily, ate conveniently and most importantly, they are very healthy. Egg whites are leanest protein sources that can be consumed while egg yolks contain cholesterol and fat. Egg whites are considered complete sources of protein without any saturated fat. Eating egg whites not only helps in burning excess fat of the body but at the same time helps in suppressing your hunger for a very long time.



Seafood include octopus, all sorts of fish and shellfish. These are excellent sources of lean protein that have an important role to play in producing lean body mass and efficient metabolism. Seafood is quite low in its content of fat when compared to protein from poultry and meat. Seafood also supplies the human body with the required amount of important minerals and vitamins.



The use of organically grown and raw vegetables is considered to make a good contribution in burning excess fat from the human body. Vegetables are very high in their content of fiber and therefore they help in increasing the metabolic rate of the human body. Eating vegetables in large quantities is not only good for your health but it also suppresses your appetite thus reducing your calorie intake.

Whole grains

Whole grains

Whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice are good sources of effective nutrients. Whole grains that help in preventing the body from gaining more fat if they are taken in very small quantities. Whole grains are also very high in their fiber content and therefore they are of good help in maintaining the metabolic rate of the human body.



Legumes like beans are good sources of protein that help in muscle building which in turn stimulates the process of burning excess fat.

Hot peppers

Hot peppers

Hot peppers fasten the metabolism rate of the human body. Thus, they help in burning excess fat and at the same time they also help in reducing cravings.

Green tea

Green tea

Green tea has scientifically been proven to boost metabolic activity in the human body. Green tea is also a wonderful medium of antioxidants which help the body get rid of harmful radicals. This is the reason why green tea is also considered as an effective remedy for cancer.

Vegetable soups

Vegetable soups

Vegetable soups are nutritious fluids that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Vegetable soups also possess appetite reducing quality that helps in lowering the intake of excess food. These are the top fat-burning foods that have a lasting effect on your appetite too.