10 Surprising Symptoms of Acid Reflux

The best way to treat an acid reflux is to understand the surprising symptoms of acid refluxand prevent them from happening. Gastroenterologist Timothy Pfanner explains that Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD happens when acid from the stomach enters the esophagus due to various reasons. Symptoms of GERD can be simple and complicated as well.

1. Heartburn

Another gastroenterologist Walter Coyle mentions that gravity plays an important role when it keeps food in your stomach. You might suffer from chest burn, which is an indication that you have had acid reflux when you have a heavy meal before resting for the night. As you would sleep acid from the stomach might enter your esophagus and cause heartburn in the chest area.

2. Avoid eating heavy meals

When you are hungry, you tend to overeat and this causes acid reflux. The best thing would be to take small meals a few times a day and avoid eating fatty foods.

3. Sore throat

Does your throat feel uncomfortable after a heavy meal? This could be a sign of an acid reflux. This condition could turn chronic and it would be best if you check up with a doctor.

4. Frequent coughing

Wheezing and coughing on a regular basis would indicate that you are suffering from heartburns and that is causing you to cough. You could also take a pH test if you have problems in breathing after any food intake.

Surprising Symptoms of Acid Reflux

5. Nausea

If you suddenly feel like vomiting after a good meal, then you might be suffering from symptoms of acid reflux. Dr Coyle is of the opinion if you face nausea without any cause then you might be suffering from acid reflux. Having antacid might offer you temporary relief but is not a permanent solution.

6. Hoarse voice after a meals

If you suddenly develop a hoarse voice after a meal, then you are having acid reflux. Your voice cracks due to the presence of acid in your esophagus. Dr Pfanner mentions the presence of acid gets reflected on your voice chords and sometimes you might face intense heart-burning sensation too.

7. Getting choked during the night

Dr Coyle mentions that if you are feeling choked suddenly in the middle of the night, then you are facing an acute acid reflux symptom. A milder form of this would be having a bitter taste in your morning when you get up in the morning.

8. Check yourself for asthma

If you are having unexplained instances of heartburn along with coughing, you might have asthma and it is therefore better to consult a doctor.

9. Presence of extra saliva in mouth

Dr. Coyle mentions the presence of extra saliva in the mouth could indicate that you are having acid reflux. This indicates that your body is trying to remove an irritant from the body.

10. Problems in swallowing food

If you are having problems in swallowing food this would indicate that your esophagus tissues have swollen up due to acid attacks. This is one of the surprising symptoms of acid refluxwhich should never be ignored and a doctor should be consulted immediately.

9 Ways to Fight Asthma and Allergies

It becomes essential that you understand the best ways to fight asthma and allergies as there is no cure for them. Most health experts would mention that prevention is the best solution here. Therefore, it becomes very important that you understand what the root cause of your allergy is and consult a doctor in this regard. Allergy can be best described as a reaction of your body to outside foreign elements. A simple allergy could be in the form of a cold, but when it is left undiagnosed for many months you can suffer from the early stages of asthma.

1. Understand what causes your allergies

If you just pay a little attention you can find out the cause which triggers allergic reactions in you. This could be due to inhaling pollens from the flowers in your garden or pet dander which is in your home. Once you identify the cause, take corrective measures and remove it from your home.

2. Take necessary precaution

After you have identified the factors which cause allergies and asthma, speak to a doctor and take necessary measures which would help you to stop suffering from allergies. If you have seasonal allergies, visit a doctor during climate changes and take the necessary medications. Become more aware and join a support group.

3. Eat healthy foods

The quality of food that you eat on a daily basis reflects your health conditions. If you are on the high level of fast foods your body is just accumulating fat and this is bad for your health. If you are intelligent and eat a healthy life which is balanced in the right way, your body would have a strong immunity system which would kill the allergens. A Diet rich in green vegetables, nuts and fresh juices helps you to prevent allergies setting in.

4. Exercise regularly

Most people today tend to avoid a regular exercise regime stating that they do not have time. But when you exercise, the blood circulation of your body is in good shape and this prevents allergies from setting in. Exercise also improves the breathing pattern.

Ways to Fight Asthma and Allergies

5. Sleep well

Your body repairs its system when you sleep. If you are not sleeping well, you would feel tired and allergens start to creep into your body as it will have a low immunity level.

6. Consult a doctor and take inhaled corticosteroids

Allergist Mitchell Grayson is of the opinion that an effective way to treat allergic asthma conditions is to use inhaled corticosteroids. These oral medications take time to work but are used for long term methods to control the problem.

7. Invest in rescue medications

If you suffer from a sudden asthma attack always carry rescue medications like Albuterol or Maxair. These medications act on the situation and offer temporary relief.

8. Check your doctor on antihistamines

Antihistamines block the factors which create allergic reactions in the brain nerve cells. Dr Poole an expert in the area that feels that antihistamines prescribed with Singualair can reduce a large amount of allergic reactions.

9. How about Immunotherapy?

A new trend among the ways to fight asthma and allergiesis using Immunotherapy where you take periodic allergy shots which control your allergy and asthma reactions.

The Dangers Of Poor Organisation In Healthcare

If you’ve ever worked a dead end job, or even a job you like with a terrible boss, you’ll know exactly how frustrating it can be. Perhaps they’re poorly organised? One of the worst things about being a staff member on a rota is when they tell you you’re due to come in one day, and then at the last minute, they cancel and mess up your entire personal schedule. Sound familiar?

The temptation in these cases can just be to throw in the towel. To turn up at the original time even, and act nonchalant or like it’s an innocent mistake that you didn’t take not of the amendment. In a lot of jobs, the rota doesn’t always matter and kind seem kind of… pointless. With some professions though, this just isn’t possible, and any kind of no-shows in the workplace can have dangerous implications. Therefore, scheduling or organisational problems can lead to workers feeling underappreciated, and, in turn, performing poorly.

Poor Organisation In Healthcare

In the health and social care sectors, employee performance doesn’t just lead to some annoyed customers. It can affect the actual real lives the people who they are supposed to be in charge of. Most carers give their time willingly, happily and to the absolute best of their ability, and this is something that deserves a lot of praise. But in some instances, it’s difficult to keep working so hard when you’re constantly being undervalued and messed around.

Webroster is just one way that those working in these sectors can actually get some more control back in their profession. Their employees can use the software to perform a variety of tasks, one of the most important being in designing rotas. Unfortunately, with so many people now requiring care, whether they’re elderly, sick or generally infirm, their resources are quite stretched. Making a rota ahead of time with good planning would really help ensure appointments are planned in the most appropriate manner.

Good supervision can help, too. Often, there are a lot of complaints by carers that the time allocated just simply isn’t enough to see each patient. But, with a bit of attention from management, there can be more understanding and assistance offered to ensure that each person that’s been helped gets seen to in a way that helps them, but in an efficient manner. According to this article, time devoted by management to care-working staff can also help their morale in their positions, because they feel less afraid of dealing with challenges when levels of support are demonstrated as opposed to neglect. Communication is also increased, leading to all-round happier staff. Remember, if staff are happier, then crucially, so are the patients and their families.

20 Ways to Stop Allergies

Allergy is a term that everyone in this world is familiar with. Whether you are a child or an adult or an old person, you might develop allergies due to trivial issues. And allergies can be very problematic at times, especially if they itch. Thus, understanding the ways to stop allergies help you to enjoy good healthy life and avoid an unnecessary health hassle which creeps in when you suffer from allergies.

1. Protect yourself by wearing a mask

The best way to stop allergies is to wear medical masks when you are working in the garden. This would prevent pollens from entering your nose.

2. Take a bathe in the night

Sometimes allergic elements get entangled in our hair. Here the best thing to do is take a bathe in the night so that you would not sneeze or suffer from some allergic reaction next morning.

3. Control your stress

New York based allergist Clifford Basset is of the opinion that seasonal allergies occur due to the presence of large amounts of stress in the body. Organizing your work and meditating for a few minutes daily would be a good idea.

4. Always keep a clean nose

Neil Kao, an expert in allergy, maintains that people suffer from allergy as they could keep their nose clean. Neil advises you use a sinus rinse.

5. Consult your doctor and take an antihistamine

If you are suffering from acute cold a little too often, you should consult your doctor and take a prescribed antihistamine.

6. Use nasal sprays

Neil is of the opinion that in case your allergy is a little stubborn use nasal sprays like Flonase.

7. Check the room temperatures

If you have room temperatures over 70 degrees, then you could have the presence of dust mites which cause allergies. Here you can reduce your room temperatures a bit.

8. Start using a barrier

If you sneeze when sleeping on your pillow place a thin, soft cloth over it and this would act as a barrier.

Ways to Stop Allergies

9. Keep your bedding clean

It is best to store your bedding well and keep it clean so that you can sleep well.

10. Get somebody to help you with housekeeping

If you suffer from seasonal allergies get somebody to help you with your housekeeping.

11. Check out acupuncture

Chronic allergic patients need to try acupuncture and enjoy the amazing results.

12. Have you checked your home for molds?

Molds tend to develop in most unlikely places like under a thick carpet. Therefore, check their presence and remove them.

13. Dry your room often

Drying your room kills bacteria and this should be done once a month.

14. Use HEPA filters at home

Using a HEPA filter would keep the allergic elements out of your home and help you to enjoy better life.

15. Do you have pets in your home?

Pet dander causes allergic reactions therefore check your home and you can keep non-allergic pets too.

16. Use vinyl flooring

If you are allergic, use vinyl floorings, instead of traditional rugs which cause you to sneeze.

17. Get your pet groomed more often

A well groomed pet would have less pet dander issues. Therefore, keep him well groomed.

18. Take allergic shots

After speaking to your doctor you can take allergic shots. This would keep your allergies at bay.

19. Keep windows closed

During seasonal changes keep your windows closed or add a net over them.

20. Get to the root of the problem

Among the 20 ways to stop allergies, you should find out what is causing allergies and understand whether this could be due to some other medical conditions in your body.

Easy Ways to Get More Energy Out of Life

Most people fail to understand the significance of how to get more energyand they end up feeling more tired on a daily basis and do not enjoy a good quality life. Most experts feel that you do not have to do much in order to enjoy a great energy level in your body. What you need to do here is invest in good lifestyle habits which would include eating large amounts of fresh salads and saying no to any form of addiction. Since most people face dilemma over this issue, it is better to know the important tips.

Maintain an exercise schedule

Most fitness experts are of the opinion that when you exercise on a day to day basis you are increasing your energy level. Therefore, they advise you to exercise for 30 minutes minimum at least four times a week. As you exercise your health conditions improve and you are more confident. Your body also enjoys the great cardiac performance and greater flexibility. If you do not enjoy extensive workouts you can do Yoga, which would also benefit your body.

Drink 8 glasses of water

Your body contains large amount of water. Inability to maintain the appropriate fluid balance makes it feel lethargic due to dehydration. This situation would make your body incapable to think logically and do simple functions as it has lost a large amount of energy. Therefore, health experts always maintain that you should drink your daily 8 glasses of water as a thumb rule and also large amounts of fluids. A hydrated body would help you to preserve and conserve your energy.

Easy Ways to Get More Energy

Are you getting your daily normal hours of sleep?

The busy lifestyle that you lead has left a great impact on your daily sleep hours. After working long hours in the office, you party hard into late nights. This leaves you with very little time to sleep. Also, you consume caffeine and alcohol, which affects your body’s sleep pattern. Sleeping for less than 8 hours on a daily basis makes you feel tired in the morning and your body loses its vital energy. Therefore cut down on your caffeine and social life and sleep a little more.

Eat small healthy snacks

Most people tend to avoid breakfasts and this makes them very hungry in the mid morning hours. Instead of reaching out for a burger, develop a habit to eat small healthy snacks like munching on your favorite fruit and nuts. This would give your body the necessary energy boost and also dissolve your hunger pangs.

Do you suffer from any allergy?

If you are suffering from cold or skin rashes you would be more irritated and tend to lose more body energy. The best step to take here is to consult a doctor and take the necessary medication immediately.

Invest in a positive attitude

The daily stresses in your life might make you depressed. This would sap energy from your body. Here you could take a look at your life in a more positive manner which would also help you to find solutions for it. Using humor to solve your daily woes is a good way of tackling daily stress and how to get more energy.

Playing Games Online The Healthy Way

These days, playing games online seems to be the latest buzz. Many people who want to buy current laptops and PCs check out the speed of the computer before deciding whether to buy the computer or not. This is because if a computer is not fast, playing games with it becomes one huge inconvenience. It is likely that computer manufacturers consider the needs of people who love to play games online when they manufacture new products. This is why top line computers are very fast and have a large Random Access Memory (RAM).

If you want to play casino games at Redflush online or any other game for that matter, you have to know how to enjoy the game without getting addicted to it. It is important to point this out because there are people who live for online games. People in this category start playing early in the morning and keep playing until pretty late in the day. Clearly, this is an addiction and any form of addiction is bad for your health. Playing games online is just a hobby and a hobby is something you do in your spare time. You are supposed to play the game so do not “let the game play you”. Have a schedule for your gaming time and stick to that schedule.
Playing Games Online The Healthy Way
Another way to play online games in a healthy manner is to ensure that you have the right gaming environment. If you play with an iPad, a laptop or a smart phone, you may be tempted to play the game anywhere. This is possible because you are using a mobile device to play but it is not good for your health. Do not play online games hunched over on the rug because this is bad for your back and bad for your shoulders. Do not play in your bedroom half-sitting and half-lying on the bed. Your best bet is to have a comfortable gaming table and an equally comfortable gaming chair. This is the perfect gaming venue for you so use it and your gaming sessions will be a pleasure and not an agony.

If you are truly an avid fan of online games, you must have noticed that different gaming sites operate in different ways. Some sites require you to download gaming software before you can play. On some other site sites, you do not have to download anything; you just log in and you play. The point here is that anytime you get into cyberspace, you may be taking a risk. Some sites have viruses without knowing it and some of these malware may harm your computer. You can avoid this risk by playing games on sites that you know are safe for your computer. You can even get games from reputable sources, install them in your computer and enjoy these games anytime you want to play. This is a lot safer than trying out all the gaming sites in cyberspace.

Online games are meant to be enjoyed. Download these games from gaming sites, use the right apps and play only when you can spare the time. This is the right way to play computer games online.

What You Need to Know About Female Condoms

Are you looking about what you need to know about female condoms? There are a lot of things or facts that you should know about female condoms. A female condom is basically a pouch that is put into the vagina before having an intercourse. The use of a female condom lowers the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancy. Female condoms are safe, effective and inexpensive methods of birth control.

How do female condoms work?

A female condom works in preventing pregnancy by layering the inner area of the vagina. These condoms collect semen and pre-ejaculate. This way the sperms are prevented from entering the birth canal, resulting in no cases of pregnancy as the sperm is unable to join the egg. These condoms also bring about a reduction in the risk of certain diseases that are transmitted sexually by covering the inner part of the anus or vagina.

Know About Female Condoms

(Image Credit: myhealth.alberta.ca)

Are these condoms effective?

Effectiveness is one of the most common concerns when making the choice of different methods that can help in birth control. Female condoms serve to be the most effective of all birth control methods if they are used properly. They have 95% percent chances of working successfully in the prevention of pregnancy if used in right way. This success rate drops down to 79% if the condoms are used incorrectly or inconsistently.

Are female condoms safe?

Almost everyone can use female condoms safely. In fact, these condoms can be used by all those women who are able to use tampons safely. The condoms can easily be used during vaginal or anal sex without causing any side effects that can be harmful for vaginal health or the overall health of a woman.

How to use a female condom?

For inserting the condom:

  • Put lubricant or spermicide on the exterior of the closed end of the condom.
  • Get into a comfortable posture for inserting the condom.
  • Try squeezing the sides of the condom together and insert it into the vagina or the anus.
  • Try pushing the inner ring as far as it can go within the anus or the vagina.
  • Next, pull your finger out and allow the outer ring of the condom to hang about an inch outside the anus or the vagina.

For removing the condom

  • Twist and squeeze the outer ring in order to keep the semen within the pouch.
  • Gently pull the condom out of the anus or the vagina.
  • Dispose it off and do not flush it in the toilet.
  • Never reuse a condom.

The benefits of using a female condom

Some of the most important benefits fetched by female condoms are as follows:

  • Allow women in sharing the responsibility of preventing infection.
  • Are easy and inexpensive to obtain.
  • Can easily be used by women who have an allergy to latex.
  • Can conveniently be used with water-based or oil-based lubricants.
  • Have no impact on natural hormones.

These are some points that work as an answer to your question what you need to know about female condoms.

How to Increase Libido in Women Naturally

If you are one of those women looking for the ways on how to increase libido in women naturally then it is important for you to keep on reading. Unfortunately, a huge number of women suffer from a drop in their sex drive or libido as they move towards their middle age. This is usually the result of your body experiencing a shift in hormonal activities during menopause and a drop in estrogen levels as you grow. Apart from this, there are other issues that might also result in a drop in libido among women including any side effects of certain medicines, poor image of the body, fatigue, depression, stress and relationship issues. However, all these can be taken care of with proper healthy activities.

Workout regularly

Regular exercise is considered to be one of the most effective ways of getting your libido enhanced. Regular and proper exercise not only brings about an increase in the circulation of blood throughout the body, including genitals, but also helps your body in beating stress. The increase brought about in the flow of blood to genitals automatically helps in increasing libido. This is one condition that also helps in increasing your response to certain sexual stimulations.

How to Increase Libido in Women Naturally

Take essential fats

It is very important for you to cut down on your intake of saturated fats, but you should always include important fats such as Omega 3 fatty acids in your regular diet. These fats aid in better flow of blood and also help in boosting the production of certain sex hormones such as testosterone, progesterone and estrogen.

Get enough rest

Lack of sleep might also take a toll on your sex drive or libido. Therefore, you must make it a point to get good rest that is enough for your body. This will help you in cutting down the stress and in increasing your energy levels. After all, enjoyable sex is directly related to energy. Ensure having a sleep of at least seven to eight hours every night.

Take natural libido pills

In order to boost your sex drive you can also rely on natural libido pills because such pills are a perfect blend of powerful nutrients and herbs. The nutrients and herbs present in natural libido pills help in.

  • Increasing the flow of blood to the genitals.
  • Boosting the production of estrogen.
  • Stimulating the production of testosterone.
  • Increasing the secretion of nitric acid.
  • Reducing stress.

The most effective natural libido pills are the ones that contain hops extract, niacin, arginine, gingko biloba, melatonin and DHEA. These pills also help in enhancing your response to certain sexual stimulations. Additionally, they also help in increasing natural lubrication that gets over vaginal dryness.

Try gingko

Gingko Biloba is a wonderful herb that works for both men and women. Gingko biloba serves as an herbal or natural remedy for increasing libido in women. This herb works by increasing the flow of blood to the genitals and in increasing the production of nitric acid in the body leading to the expansion of the blood vessels. These are some of the methods that you can use if you wonder how to increase libido in women naturally.

Hygiene Rules for a Healthy Vagina

The vagina is a very sensitive area and therefore it is very important to follow the hygiene rules for a healthy vagina. Vaginal health should always be a major concern among women. The delicate balance of certain healthy bacteria can easily get disrupted in your vagina. Having a small quantity of discharge from the vagina is also normal because it helps in keeping the vagina free of harmful bacteria and also keeps it clean. You can experience burning, infection and irritation in your vagina with the disruption of the pH level in your vaginal area. Therefore, you should remain aware of some healthy hygiene rules that can help you in keeping your vagina healthy.

Practice having safe sex

You can experience discomfort, irritation and pain in your vaginal area due to certain sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that are common but preventable. Some varieties of STDs can easily be treated with the use of antibiotics but there is no known cure for genital herpes and HIV. Therefore, you should always use a condom while having sex as this will prevent the transmission of diseases. You should also keep in mind to change the condoms while having sex if both vaginal and anal penetration is carried out. The pH levels in the vaginal area can get affected by the bacteria present in the anus.

Hygiene Rules for a Healthy Vagina

Treat infections immediately

There is not a single woman who does not experience bacterial or yeast infection in her vagina area at least once during her lifetime. Bacterial and yeast infections can take place without any kind of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. There are a number of other factors that can cause bacterial or yeast infections of the vagina. Anti-fungal ointment or antibiotics can be used for clearing up these infections on an immediate basis. You can even treat these infections by taking the help of a health care expert.

Abstain from douching

If you are of the view that douching will help you in getting rid of vaginal odor and will keep your vaginal area clean, then you are wrong. The harsh perfumes and chemicals present in many douches can upset the fragile PH balance of your vagina and can even cause vaginal odor and irritation. Instead of using a scented douche to mask vaginal smell, you can use apple or white cider vinegar for cleansing your vaginal area without posing any problems for the PH balance and beneficial bacteria.

Rules for a Healthy Vagina

Clothing can result in vaginal problems

Bacterial and yeast infections can also be the result of improper and tight clothing. Tight clothing does not allow air to flow freely around your vaginal area, resulting in the growth of harmful bacteria. You can keep your vaginal area moist and clean by wearing loosely fitting under wears made of cotton and by avoiding the use of synthetic fabrics. You should also avoid wearing spandex clothing for workout and damp swimsuits.

Eat healthy

What you eat is not only essential for your weight and your appearance but your food can also have a tremendous effect on your vaginal health. Try adding yogurt to your regular diet because the yogurt helps in promoting the growth of healthy bacteria. Also drink lots of water because water helps in flushing harmful toxins out of your body. You can also have cranberries as they are known to improve vaginal health. If you follow these hygiene rules for a healthy vaginayou are less likely to suffer from vaginal problems.

5 Best Remedies for Fever

High fever can be very dangerous and therefore you must remain aware of some of the remedies for fever to help you out in case of any situation. Fever is basically a method used by the body for fighting infections. It is not advisable to suppress fever because fever helps in killing virus and bacteria. However, some remedies should always be used in healing serious conditions of fever. The temperature of the body elevates during fever and this elevation takes place when the immune system fights viruses and bacteria that can be harmful for the body. Try some of the best remedies for fever, so that you can ease the discomfort.

1. Undress

Undressing will render complete exposure to your body and this exposure allows the sweat glands to release moisture in a better way. This release of moisture will help you in feeling more comfortable. Use very little clothing when you suffer from fever. You can make use of infant diaper, underpants and a very thin undershirt.

2. Sip fluids

Fever accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting can result in loss of fluid and electrolyte imbalance. Therefore, it is very important to continue sipping fluids during fever. The best thing to do is drink cool water, but you can also go for unsweetened juices if you find their tastes good enough. It is sometimes difficult to get your child drink lots of water. Therefore, for children suffering from fever, it is best to try flavored ices called Popsicles made from water.

Best Remedies for Fever

3. Do not force yourself undercover

It is quite common to experience shivers when suffering from fever because shivers are a way of your body for creating heat and for boosting the temperature. So if you feel chilled and find your teeth chattering, cover yourself to feel more comfortable. Nevertheless, once you overcome your fever and start feeling hot there is no use bundling yourself under a pile of blankets or in bed. This will hold heat and will make you feel much more uncomfortable. It is not possible to break fever by holding the temperature of your body. Therefore, if you feel burnt up, then get rid of those covers or make use of a light sheet.

4. Have a dip

Try sponging yourself with lukewarm water or you can also try sitting in a tub filled with cool water for at least thirty minutes. The water should not be ice cold because this can induce shock. If you are using this therapy on a child, then hold the child as long as he or she is in the tub. Never apply alcohol rub because this type of rub can result in alcohol poisoning by getting absorbed into the skin.

5. Let your fever run

You must remain aware of the fact that antipyretics are specially designed for making you feel comfortable while you suffer from fever. However, the fact is, fever might do some good to an ailing body by making your body less hospitable to infectious organisms. Therefore, you can allow your fever to complete its course rather than trying out methods to bring the body temperature down. These some of the remedies for fever that you should always keep in mind to treat yourself in a better way.