How to Eat Happy – All You Wanted to Know

One should learn how to eat happily as this would make enjoy the life more and keep stress and depression at bay. The hustle and bustle of today’s lifestyle makes more and more people suffer from depression in their quest to achieve a perfect life. Most of them would do anything to feel a little better and have a good night’s sleep. You can enjoy a good quality life and keep your stress controlled if you eat foods that make you happy.

Munching on walnuts

The brain and its nerve cells play a very important part when it comes to how you feel. A research undertaken on rats in Massachusetts at McLean Hospital indicated that foods which contained Uridine and Omega 3 fatty acids showed better communications happening between the brain and their neurons in the tested animals. When the research animals were given injections containing Omega 3 acids they felt much better. This simple fact can be used by you and you can have nuts like walnuts, which is a storehouse of Omega 3. In fact a handful of walnuts for breakfast can drive our blues away.

The magic of spinach

Spinach has always been considered highly for its high iron content. But do you know that spinach contains Vitamin B9 which helps you to enjoy a good mood. You might have depression if you have a low percentage of folate in your body, but you can remove it by having a small amount of spinach salad for lunch. You can add asparagus too.

How to Eat Happy

Enjoying chocolate

When you were a child your mother would gift you an éclair and that would make you happy. But even as an adult when you are feeling low you reach for a bar of chocolate and within minutes you are feeling happy. Consuming chocolate affects the serotonin level in your brain and if you add phenyl ethylamine and a small amount of fat you would feel elated in no time. Here do eat dark chocolates more often as it has health benefits.

Eat good amount of tofu

A recent article in New England Journal of Medicine indicated that you might suffer from depression if you have amino acid-tryptophan in low levels in your body. Your body cannot produce it therefore it has to get it from food. Tofu can be consumed and this contains a very high percentage of amino acid-tryptophan. Lobsters and turkey can also be consumed if you are a non-vegetarian.

Introduce beans and lentils in your daily diet

The absence of iron can make you tired and feel depressed. Your daily diet should include food items made from beans and lentils. Lentils and beans are rich in protein and also help you to increase iron in your blood. Lima beans and pumpkin seeds also help to boost your mental health and make you happy.

Consuming a citrus fruit daily

Folic acid is needed for the production of serotonin and this controls your mood swings. A simple way to enjoy how to eat happyis by eating fruits rich in citric acids like grapefruit.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Miscarriage

It is very essential that you understand and know the things that lead to a miscarriages that you are aware of the factors and conditions which cause miscarriage. Teresa Berg, an expert in maternal fetal medicine, is of the opinion that miscarriages can happen to anyone and has become very common now-a-days. Teresa mentions that 15% of pregnancies end in sudden miscarriage and this can be termed as spontaneous abortions or pregnancy loss during its early phase. You can make yourself more aware regarding a few important facts about miscarriage and this would help you and your friends in the long run.

1. Most miscarriages occur in the first few weeks of pregnancy

Dr Berg defines a miscarriage when a woman loses her fetus within 20 weeks of pregnancy. But now-a-days miscarriages often occur before 12 weeks of pregnancy and this is very traumatic for both the parents.

2. Most women are not aware that they have suffered a miscarriage

Most women sometimes are not aware that they are suffering from miscarriage especially when it happens in the first ten days of pregnancy. They often take the bleeding symptoms to be that of their regular menstruating symptoms. But if you have severe abdominal cramps you should visit a doctor and prevent from any health complications from occurring.

3. Mother is not responsible for a miscarriage

Sometimes expecting mother is made responsible for the miscarriage and there are many reasons including lifting weights, running a lot, eating some foods etc, but Dr Berg asserts the fact that miscarriage occurs due to genetic abnormalities which may have occurred in the embryo.

4. Miscarriages are more frequent when you conceive after a certain age

Older women are more prone to miscarriages as the eggs get older and develop genetic abnormalities. Gynecologists therefore encourage women to have a baby before their 30’s.

Things You Didn’t Know About Miscarriage

5. Are you aware that fertility treatments increase the risk of miscarriage?

Many older women who are trying to conceive undergo fertility treatments. These treatments might create the conditions where you suffer from miscarriages.

6. Your weight plays an important role during pregnancy

If you are overweight or underweight the chances of having a miscarriage is very high. Diabetes also increases complications during pregnancy.

7. Smoking is dangerous for you and the baby

If you are addicted to smoking you have to give up the addiction. Smoking is harmful to your health and might trigger miscarriage.

8. Miscarriages do not occur if you have sex when you are pregnant

Your grandmother would advise you to abstain from sex when you are pregnant. But Dr Berg maintains that neither sex nor light exercises cause miscarriage.

9. You might not have a miscarriage after you had one

Most women get very scared after a miscarriage when they conceive later. But here you might not have a miscarriage if you do not face any health complications.

10. It is normal that you feel loss after a miscarriage

Most women are depressed and feel a loss when they have a miscarriage. Dr Berg mentions that women get attached to their unborn child and therefore it becomes a part of their body and emotions. This is an important fact that you should learn when trying to understand the things you didn’t know about miscarriageand this would help you to give a loved one unconditional support when she has just suffered from a miscarriage.

10 Simple Steps to Help De-Stress

You cannot avoid the significance of these simple steps to help de-stressif you are under stress and want to relieve yourselves with some cool ideas.Most people today suffer from acute stress, which could due to work, personal life or both. Stress in your life is a beginning of various other things like sleep disorder, increase in smoking or alcohol addiction and health complications. Stress also leads to obesity as you do not think when you are stressed out and eat in large amount fast food items which do nothing but add extra weight to your body. Therefore you should learn to manage your stress in simple ways.

Know the trigger

Most stress occurs because we do not clearly try to find solutions to the problem and blame one another. Your stress quotient can be decreased if you address the problem and think logically.

Refresh yourself

Take time out for yourself and indulge in some activities that help you relieve the stress and refresh your mind. Yes, you do have a busy lifestyle, but you need breaks from it. During these breaks you can pursue things that you love doing like painting or even spending time with your family. This would help you to de-stress.

Simple Steps to Help De-Stress

Analyze the problems

When you face complicated solutions in life make an attempt to be positive and understand the problem realistically. If you get stressed out you may complicate the problem further by making mistakes. Therefore, analyze reason and then solve the problem one step at a time.

Seek help

Most people do not ask for help even though they know they cannot solve it. When you ask for help there would be another person thinking of the solution in a new way and this would help you to minimize your stress factor.

Do not overload

At work, do not keep all the responsibilities to yourself and be overburdened. A great leader always delegates responsibilities to his team and builds up next in line. You should therefore do the same thing and this would help you to de-stress in a better manner.

When you have a heavy work load and know that you have to work into the night, you should take minimum breaks. Here you should go out and take a walk or breathe deeply for a few minutes. Never fall into addictive habits as this would increase your stress level more.

Eat healthy

When you eat a healthy diet, you are more prepared to manage stress, as your body reduces stress levels. Therefore eat more green vegetables and fresh fruits daily.

Daily exercise

Exercise daily for a few minutes. This would help you to control stress and you can solve your problems on your own. You can do jogging and easy breathing exercise early morning.

Be in good cheer

The next way to tackle stress is to develop humor. Humor can make you go thru worst times and see the lighter side of things. Therefore do develop a good sense of humor.

Spend some time with friends

Communicate with people and do not be alone. You can speak regarding your problem and you would be surprised that solutions arrive quickly. This is one of the amazing simple steps to help de-stress.

Health Benefits of Jogging

Health benefits of jogging need to be understood as this simple exercise is a great cardiovascular exercise. Before you start jogging it is best to consult a doctor and understand your current health status. Otherwise jogging suddenly would strain your medicine and create unnecessary health complications, especially if you are overweight. Also do warm up breathing exercises before you start jogging in the morning and wear good quality jogging shoes.

Jogging helps you sleep better

When you start jogging you would realize that you sleep better during the night. This is because your body receives the exercise and the condition of your body gets regulated. Therefore, you sleep well and get up in the morning feeling refreshed and eager to do your jogging.

Your leg muscles become strong

When you jog daily for around 30 minutes, you would soon realize that your leg muscles are getting leaner and slimmer too. There are many people who start jogging and later move on as marathon runners in the near future.

Enjoy a lower risk of heart attacks

People suffer from heart attack when the oxygen is not properly delivered into the heart as the heart arteries narrow down due to plaque formation. When you jog every morning you are doing a simple cardiac exercise where your heart beat improves and the heart muscles are exercised. This ensures that you are in good shape and do not suffer from an attack.

Health Benefits of Jogging

Jogging is a natural stress buster

When you are in stress due to various reasons you lose your inability to think clearly. Most experts would advise you to jog for a few minutes. When you jog the happy exercise gene in the body is released and your stress gets dissolved immediately. You can also think clearly and make a decision or solve the problem.

Jogging helps you to enjoy strong bones

The National Osteoporosis Foundation, which is very concerned with the bone density of its patient advices its patient to do minimum 30 minutes jogging every day. They believe this exercise makes their bones stronger and they can fight the effects of Osteoporosis.

Helps you lose some extra pounds

Harvard Medical School in its various studies related to jogging has indicated that you lose 600 calories when you jog for an hour. Thus jogging increases the metabolism of the body and helps you to lose fat especially belly fat in most cases. Losing weight, thus, becomes easy and when supported with a balanced diet the results are envious.

Jogging increases life expectancy

Copenhagen City Heart Study in a research in 2012 indicated that jogging increased the life of men by 6.2 years and for women by 5.6 years. The researchers also indicated that joggers should jog between 60 minutes to 150 minutes to enjoy better results. This can be considered as one of the best health benefits of jogging.

Know the Side Effects of Chewing Gum

If you love chewing gum then you should also understand the side effects of chewing gum. The earliest forms of chewing are 9000 years old. Do you know that if you chew a gum and peel onions you will not cry? In fact, most chewing gums were handmade up to a few years ago and now they are made by machines. It has also been estimated that the period between Halloween and Christmas is a time when large amounts of chewing gums are sold. The reason behind such an event, however, remains still unknown.

When you chew gum continuously you lose your appetite

Researchers from University of Liverpool and University of Glasgow Caledonian held a study which indicated that chewing gums help to suppress your food cravings. People who participated in the study showed that there cravings for between-the-meal snacks stopped once they started chewing gums. Another interesting development that was noticed was that their cravings for salty food increased.

Side Effects of Chewing Gum

Sugar free gum can result in Acid Reflux

Dentists ask their patients to chew on sugar free gum, but they are aware that this leads to acid reflux. This may also lead to your teeth being destroyed due to chewing gums for long durations. But this problem was solved when you chewed the gum after half an hour from your meal.

Chewing gum leads to tooth decay

Chewing gums have a large content of sugar in them. When you chew a few sticks of chewing gum daily, you are increasing your chance of tooth decay. Large amounts of sugar intake would also lead to diabetes and obesity among young adults and children.

Children should not chew gums

An adult in US chews around 300 sticks of chewing gums annually. A nutrition institute in Florida has shown that children chewing gums are bad for health. Most children who chew large amount of chewing gums suffer from diarrhea, constipation and obstruction in the esophagi’s. When they swallow the gum by mistake the gum is not good for them.

Might lead to digestive problems

The British Medical Journal showed a case where two patients were admitted after suffering from intense diarrhea and weight complication. The chewing gum substances were studied and it was found out that sorbitol present was creating problem. When sorbitol was removed the health problem was almost resolved.

Problems in jaw

When you continuously chew your gums, your jaw muscles are not rested and are strained continuously. The jaw muscles being overused might contract and this would lead you to have a severe headache and toothache. Such problems are known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder as is a dangerous condition among all the side effects of chewing gum.

Simple Ways to Stop Allergies

Most of the allergies occur when our immune system react to a substance. Allergies may cause itchiness, red watery eyes, runny nose and hives on the skin etc. Sometimes they may be so severe that we are unable to breathe. It is very hard to tell if you have an allergy to a substance or not. Most often allergies occur due to dust, pollution, food and due to animals too. Some may suffer from allergies only during certain seasons and there are many that trigger allergies as there are some simple ways to stop allergies.

Get the right medicine

If you are suffering with severe allergies, it’s good to see an allergist and get the right treatment. Allergists also help you identify your triggers and give you a medicine that suits your requirement. Taking good supplements to balance and increase the immunity always works wonders.

Keep your nose clean

A nasal rinse using a mixture of half teaspoon salt, pinch of baking soda in 8 ounce of water can keep you away from all the nasal allergies. It also rinses bacteria and thin mucous layers that trigger allergy if a foreign particle comes in contact. All we need to do is lean into the sink and flush one nostril gently at once.

Don’t pet pets sleep with you

Most of the pet owners and especially kids want to sleep with the family pet but sometimes snuggling up with the furry friend may cause severe allergies. Bath your pets regularly and keep pets out of the bedroom and cover ventilators with cheesecloth to keep dander from spreading from room to room.

Simple Ways to Stop Allergies

Ditch the carpeting

Dust mites and pet’s love carpeting and rugs so boom out your vacuum weekly. Make sure it has a high-efficiency filter to trap tiny particles. Rugs need regular cleaning and are a lovely hiding place to both mites and other allergy causing dust particles. It’s even better to opt for bare floors to avoid these. Leather furniture catches animal dander and dust can be easily accumulated on them. Clean leather and other type of furniture with a quick wiping using a damp cloth to keep allergies at bay.

Leave your shoes at the door

Your favorite shoes might be the reason for letting the allergens into your home. Wipe your shoes outside and it will help to keep those spores out of living space. If your family members are highly allergic, considering leaving the footwear outside as it is the best option.

Rethink your houseplants

As much as indoor plants cheer you up during the winter, spring is a good time to put them outside because sometimes they can be surprisingly irritating due to the presence of allergens. The main problem is the mold spores that live in wet and warm dirt. Make sure to avoid excess watering to the plants to keep the mold away. Keep an eye on rotten leaves; it can be a sign of disease or overwatering.

Get the right vacuum cleaner

All vacuum cleaners are not equal. Check for the one with a HEPA filter. The Filters may prevent the vacuum from spreading the same dust back into the air. Also, use a dust mask to empty the vacuum bag well before the full mark.

Give teddy and friends a bath

It is likely that those children’s teddy bears and all of their stuffed toys contain allergy-producing dust mites. Regularly wash your children stuffed toys in hot water to keep these allergens away from home.

Air out new purchases

Any electronic goods you have just bought may emit chemical fumes that can worsen allergies. New furnishings, certain paints and rugs can release volatile organic compounds into the air which end up irritating the environment inside your home. It is better to take these products out of packaging in a ventilated area and then bring them into home.

These are only some of the alternatives which are helpful to control allergies and breathe easier. Apart from all these, do take care about the kind of food you eat as food allergy can cause fatal side effects. Dietary modifications, acupuncture, nutraceuticals, change in your life style can also keep you away from these allergies.

10 Ways to Keep Kidney Stones at Bay

These 10 ways to keep kidney stones at bayshould be carefully understood as one of every ten people suffer from kidney stone ailments in their life. The largest kidney stone ever to be extracted was over one kilogram. It is also interesting to note that kidney stones can be of any color, but brown and yellow are the most popular ones. Medical experts in kidney functions would mention that you can view the shape of a kidney stone and understand how it was formed. However the National Kidney Foundation advises that the best way to treat them is avoid having them by following 10 vital ways.

1. Drink lots of water

Kidney stones are formed when minerals from urine settle down in the urinary tract or in the kidney nephrons area. It is therefore essential that you drink your 8 glasses of water to prevent this.

2. Healthy drinks

Coconut water and lemonade are an excellent way to prevent kidney stones from occurring. Coconut water contains minerals like potassium, magnesium, which helps to maintain your healthy kidney. Lemon has citric acid, which prevents the crystallization of minerals which later convert to stones.

3. Eat food rich in oxalates and calcium

The presence of oxalates in foods like chocolates, tea and legumes is good for your kidney health. You should consume food rich in oxalates and calcium together and this prevents oxalates crystallization in the kidney.

4. Increase your dairy products intake

When you eat dairy foods they have high calcium in them. This calcium binds with oxalates food and prevents stones from occurring in your kidney.

Ways to Keep Kidney Stones at Bay

5. Eat sea foods in small proportions

Sea foods are rich in purines, which increase uric acid level percentage. This leads to kidney stones.

6. Limit your daily salt intake

When you have a high salt intake, this increases the sodium level. This leads to large calcium deposit in the kidney and this in turn would to develop stones in your kidney as calcium binds with oxalates.

7. Maintain a healthy body weight

Obesity can cause your kidney to overwork and later on create stones in your kidney. Therefore, exercise, eat a healthy diet and maintain a weight based on your body’s BMI.

8. Check the medication you take

Kidneys stones can develop if you take diuretics and large amount of antibiotics. Check the medication and speak to your doctor regarding this.

9. Do not hold your urine

Some people have the habit of holding their urine and eliminating it in the last minute. This causes stress in the kidney and the minerals may accumulate in the kidney, causing it to have stones after some time.

10. Say No to alcohol and smoking

When you smoke and consume alcohol your hormonal balance is disturbed and this may lead to formation of stones in your kidney. This is a vital step when maintaining 10 ways to keep kidney stones at bay.

5 Foods That Can Trigger a Stroke

It is mandatory that you understand the 5 foods that can trigger a strokeas more and more people are suffering from stroke. In fact, more than seven million people suffer from strokes every year and most of these happen for the first time. Once you suffer from the stroke you start succumbing to other health complications. Therefore, it becomes essential that you understand conditions which can cause stroke and take the necessary measures.

1. Foods rich in carbohydrates and sugar should be avoided

When you have pastries, doughnuts and chips on a daily basis, you are increasing your chances for stroke. When you consume fast foods like French fries and fried chicken they have Trans fat in them. Trans fat is not good for your heath and can cause lipid concentration and increase the level of bad cholesterol over good cholesterol. Consuming Trans fat also increases the percentage of C-reactive proteins which create stroke and heart attack. The best thing to do here is avoiding fast food and making your own baked food at home.

2. Stop eating processed meat and smoked meat

Most people love eating smoked meat. But processed meat harms your body in two ways like sodium content is very high in processed meat and the preservatives are strong chemicals which are harmful for the body. In fact sodium nitrates cause arteries to harden which might result in stroke.

Foods That Can Trigger a Stroke

3. Avoid drinking diet soda

In an effort to control sugar intake people enjoy diet soda. Unfortunately, this might cause a stroke. Columbia University researchers found out that most people who suffered from stroke had a large dose of diet soda on a regular basis. However the real cause for this is still being studied. The best thing to do here is drink water and fresh fruit juices when you are thirsty.

4. Ban eating red meat at home

Women who consumed red meat suffered from stroke. Red meat has a high percentage of saturated fat and this is bad for health. Saturated fat also causes plaques in arteries and narrows the arteries, which may cause a stroke. The best advice, health experts give is to switch to fish and chicken.

5. Canned food should be used in minimum

Modern homeowners due to paucity of time use canned food items for their families. These canned foods contain high levels of sodium and high preservatives are also there. Both these factors increase blood sugar level in your blood, which may lead to stroke. If you still love soups and beans you can take some time every weekend and make fresh soups and bean meals for your family. Your family would love the fresh food and expenses would be less too. Therefore, this is one of the important 5 foods that can trigger a strokeand should be avoided at all cost.

12 Health Benefits of Sex

It is very vital that you understand the top 10 health benefits of sex as you burn 200 calories when you have 30 minutes of sex. Most people in some countries are shy about talking regarding the benefits of enjoying regular sex. But a good dose of sex between couples goes long way in strengthening their marriage and also helps them to enjoy great health benefits. If you still do not believe us, you can clear all your doubts by reading the benefits.

1. Your immunity system is high

When couples enjoy an active sex on a regular basis, they enjoy the great immunity system. Wilkes University researchers discovered that college students who engaged in sex had higher percentage of antibodies than students who did not. They also mentioned the importance of having safe sex among young people.

2. You enjoy a healthy sex desire

Lauren Streicher an expert in this area feels that having a good sexual life would help you to grow your sexual drive which would make you enjoy sex better. This is essential as good sex increases good blood circulation in the body and is a great cardiac exercise.

3. Women enjoy better bladder control

Pelvic muscles play an important role in a women’s life. As women if you enjoy good sex your pelvic floor muscles are enjoying a good workout and this is good for you, especially during childbirth.

4. Helps you to enjoy good pressure

If you have good sex then you would not suffer from high blood pressure. Joseph J. Pinzone the medical director has researched and shown the above fact.

5. It is a great form of exercise

Sex is a great type of exercise and is better than running on a treadmill. Your heart rate becomes better and your body muscle system improves.

Health Benefits of Sex

6. Reduces the risk of heart attack

Regular sex improves your heart rate. It also helps to maintain the estrogen and testosterone hormone balance in your body. In women a good level of estrogen would mean that you are ageing slowly and your skin is slowing. When these hormone levels become low you suffer from heart problems and osteoarthritis.

7. Helps you to manage stress

One of the great health benefits of enjoying sex is that you are able to manage stress. This is important as today we have large stress in our life.

8. You do not suffer from cognitive disease

When you have had a good sex life, your chances of having a cognitive disease are much less. This is because your mind is nourished and actively stimulated during sex.

9. You do not suffer from disability with old age

As you age, you suffer from physical disabilities. When you enjoy a good sexual life with your partner, you have a good chance of not being disabled at an old age, as you are having good exercise which tones your body.

10. Slows down ageing

When you have good sexual life your body is well maintained and the hormonal levels are balanced. All these factors slow down your ageing process.

11. Lowers the risk of having prostate cancer

For men having good sexual life lowers the risk of having prostate cancer.

12. Enjoy a good healthy long life

Among the best top 10 health benefits of sexwould be that you have a long healthy life.

Top 10 Strategies for Optimizing Your Health

We all should have someplans to optimizing our health to enjoy a great life that is free from diseases. But when learning about the best strategies for optimizing health, we also have to understand that a body free of any ailments is the best wealth that you can enjoy in your life and it doesn’t come that easily. As you are relaxed you would also be in a better position to understand your challenges that life offers and take the tight decision to solve them. Most of these strategies can be implemented with a little effort and awareness.

1. Include sprouts in daily diet

When you have sprouts and veggies into your daily diet, you can help your body to produce natural aspirin, which would fight against free radicals which harm your body. The best thing about eating these powerful sprouts is that you can grow them yourself and consume them by adding them with yoghurt or a simple olive oil dressing.

2. Eat more fermented vegetables daily

A healthy gut goes a long way in ensuring that you have a healthy life. These fermented vegetables contain bacterial which make your body healthy and maintain the balance of bacteria in your gut. Kombucha the New Yorkers fermented black tea, Sauerkraut the famous fermented cabbage, which is eaten in Germany, Pickles and Coconut Yogurt could be introduced into your daily food habits.

3. Limit the use of Vitamin D capsules

Many people consume Vitamin D supplements and leads to diseases like depression, cancer and diabetes. The best thing to do is let your body absorb Vitamin D from the natural rays of the sun without overexposing your skin to it. Using the advice of an expert you can skip a meal and this would be good for your health.

Optimizing Your Health

4. High intensity exercises

Doing high intensity exercise is the best form of exercise. When you do these exercises your insulin production would increase, fat in your body would be burnt and muscles would be stronger. You can do these exercises at least twice a week.

5. Enjoy better sleep

When you sleep your body rejuvenates itself. If you have sleeping disorder health complications would follow soon. Therefore do invest in 8 hours of daily quality sleep.

6. Walk barefoot in your garden early morning

Ancient philosophers believed that the Earth had energy which could improve our health problems. This advice is propagated today by health experts too when they advise you to walk in your garden early morning with bare foot. Free electrons enter your body and this is a powerful antioxidant, which removes free radicals from the body.

7. Drinking more water

When you drink water toxins from the body are flushed out and this keeps your body healthy. Your hydrated body is also able to perform its functions well.

8. Stop eating processed foods

Processed foods contain substances which harm the body and help diseases enter it. It would be a good idea to eat fresh foods and prevent using processed food and dairy products which are of no help to your body.

9. Know the toxins around you

When you use a home cleaner and eat a fruit without washing your hand, you are introducing toxins in your body. When implementing strategies for optimizing your healthunderstand the toxins in your home like mercury or fluoride and use healthy alternatives.

10. Manage your stress

We all know that stress is the main cause behind a number of diseases – both physical and mental. Even if it is not possible to completely eliminate stress, measures should be however taken to at least minimize the stress levels to the extent possible. Simple Yoga, meditation and some breathing exercises all help in controlling or managing stress effectively. Acupuncture is another method to ward off stress efficiently.