Know Why Getting Married Makes Brides Fat

If you want to know why getting married makes brides fat, here is what you need to know and what you have been looking for all these days. Although it is a fact that women gain weight after marriage, nobody really cares to look for the reason behind it, because they no longer need to attract new people in their lives. Since they have gotten their husband for life, there is no need as well. However, in some of the cases, pregnancy right after the marriage also adds to the weight. Hormonal changes might also be a reason for that. There are other issues too which make a girl fat after her marriage.

No need to maintain the figure

The most common reason why girls start to eat carelessly and do not care much about their figure about their marriage is because once they are married, they think that it is not required at all. Their husband also admires them the way she is and since she does not need to attract any other person, why would she go for a diet or take pains of exercises? They feel that their life is already secured and hence there is no need to look what they eat. However, when the marriage ends and divorces happen, it is observed that women try to get in shape once again.

Why Getting Married Makes Brides Fat

Pregnancy and hormonal changes

When we talk about women gaining weight, pregnancy is a common issue. While some women shed their excessive weight after the baby born, there are some other women who are not able to shed weight which remains with them lifelong. Also, it is a tradition that women in pregnancy should not go for much exercise and they should eat whatever they crave for. Many women also believe that they should take oily things which would benefit the newborn, such as milk and milk products. In the end, a lot of weight is put on by them.

Family’s eating practices

Lifestyle changes are another factor which leads to a change in weight of the women. When a woman is married, she must get accustomed to the family of the husband in every manner, even when it is about the eating habits. Hence, she might have to eat heavy food items all day long. In the first few months of marriage, guests come over and sweets and drinks are common to be served, which the women also need to take along with the guests. Also, some ladies start to eat as much as their partner does. As a result, they get fat more than they ever wanted.

There are various other factors as well, which leads to gain in weight of women after their marriage, such as insistence by partner, eating whatever has been left in the house after husband has finished, their mothers might remind them to eat from time to time and so on. However, whatever the reason why getting married makes brides fat, they should keep a proper check on it so that they do not have to face problems later on in life.

What You Didn’t Know About Adolescent Sexual Behavior

Adolescent sexual behavior would remain an issue till complete knowledge is provided to children at least at the age of high school. According to a survey, 62 percent of the students in high school have had intercourse. This is not the right way to go, not only for the society, but also for the health of the children who undergo these kinds of acts. If parents are rightly involved in the matters of providing sex education to children, such kind of scenarios can be avoided.

Demographics of juvenile sexual behavior

Adolescence refers to that period when children start to grow up and reach up to youth. However, this age cannot be defined in numbers because it depends on the mental state of the person as when he transits from childhood to adulthood. It also varies from country to country as to what age is considered to be the legal age of consent. However, if we particularly talk about US, this age is between the years of 10 and 19. This is the age when children get sexually attracted towards opposite sex, but they hardly know the consequences of it. As a result, they might catch HIV and other sex-related diseases.

Adolescent Sexual Behavior

Consequences of adolescent sex

One of the most destructive consequences of adolescent sex is adolescent pregnancy. When children are not much aware, they might indulge in sexual intercourse without even using protection (condoms). And, even if they do use it, they are not aware that it is not 100% safe. This almost ruins the life of adolescents as well as the parents of these children. However, with the increasing trend of sex education these days, the numbers of adolescent pregnancy cases are declining.

Unintended pregnancy

As mentioned, even when adolescents are active in sexual activities, they do not care to take precautions against pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases. While every adolescent is at risk, the adolescents who are mentally retarded might be at more risk. In the US, a large number of teens face unintended pregnancy every year. Contraception and condoms are seldom used, this also indicates the usage of protection among adults. Also, around 15 million cases of sexually transmitted infection are seen in the US every year.

How to reduce the risk?

Although it is very difficult to reduce the risk because the exact cause of this behavior could be anything, from unprotected oral sex to anal sex, yet a try could be given by at least educating the adolescents and telling them what the consequences can be. They should be taught that before going through such an activity, they must be sure that the partner is not HIV positive, or an intravenous drug user or so. Also, if a particular person changes partner too many times, infection might occur.

It might become extremely difficult for the government of the country to stop these kinds of acts, but they can understand the adolescent sexual behavior the other way round.

Top Dental Health Products for Glossy Teeth

Dental health products come in numerous forms and sizes. They are a must for everyone who wants to maintain a healthy set of teeth and pain-free smile throughout their life.


These contain alcohol which helps in enhancing the taste, the cleansing action, and the antibacterial effect. Though there are some people who find alcohol mouthwashes to be too strong, go for milder alternative which is free of alcohol. There are certain mouthwashes which are quite effective in treating gum infections, especially the ones containing Chlorhexidine. These mouthwashes are also quite effective in treating various other mouth problems, like the ones that happens post tooth extraction. Mouthwashes should not be overused for a long time.

Denture fixatives

These are products which aid to hold or stick a denture in one place and stop it from moving around, causing sores and irritation. These come in various forms, including powders, creams and strips. These dental health products are custom made so as to fit inside the mouth but over time, as the mouth shrinks, they become loose. Because of this, people choose fixative during this short period of time before their denture gets replaced with a better fitting one.

Dental Health Products for Glossy Teeth

Fluoride toothpaste

This dental health product helps in putting the lost minerals back to the teeth and therefore, strengthen the enamel. Special ‘enamel formula’ toothpastes can be used if one feels that their diet is having high-levels of acid, risking acid erosion. One should be cutting down their intake of acidic drinks and foods as well and that include fruit juices, wine, fruit teas, fizzy drinks and smoothies.

Bad breath products

Bad-breath is something that is caused by smoking as well as drinking or eating something having a strong smell. Having bad breath for a long period of time is a symptom of dental problem like that of gum disease. The best advice is to get in touch with the dentist as soon as possible since bad breath products will mask the smell and won’t be removing any underlying problem. Some of these dental health products include sugar-free gums, sugar-free mints and mouth rinses. Using tongue scraper or brushing the tongue also helps.

Sugar-free gum

Chewing sugar-free gums for at least 10 minutes after drinking or eating something helps the saliva in quickly cancelling out the acid. Every time one eats or drinks something, acid gets produced that can cause dental erosion and decay of tooth. Chewing these dental health products shorten the time period for the saliva to terminate the acid.

Oral probiotics

These living microorganisms are “friendly” bacteria that help in keeping up a balance between the mouth’s “friendly bacteria” and the harmful ones which can lead to plaque build-up, bad breath and gum disease. These dental health products come in the form of lozenges that one needs to dissolve slowly inside their mouth after brushing.

Know How to Grow Black Hair Naturally

Most of the women and also men for that matter wonder how to grow black hair naturally. While it is important to adopt the right hare care regimen to maintain a nice head of hair, it is also vital to follow some best tips to grow natural black hair. As the rate of hair growth is different for different people, taking proper care and following a specific hair care regimen would ensure a faster and healthy growth of hair.

Moisturize your hair

It is true that women with black hair complain more about their hair turning rough and dry. As it is that black hair shows a greater tendency to dry up, it is important to moisturize it correctly. The selection of shampoos and conditioners is important and it is better to go with products that offer intensive care for dry and damaged hair. Also, the selection of hair care products should be done in accordance with the texture of hair. Proper moisturizing would help black hair grow naturally.

Use hair care vitamins to let your hair grow

The normal rate of hair growth is about half an inch in a month. The hair vitamin should consist of biotin and folic acid which helps hair to grow long. They should also contain MSM that lengthens the natural anagen or the phase of growth. The vitamins would take care of the texture and growth of hair.

How to Grow Black Hair Naturally

Treat your hair with protein

The major part of hair is constituted of protein and which is hard fibrous type known as keratin. In the event of the hair being chemically straightened, the bonds are broken and the hair loses strength. The protein stripped from hair strands needs to be replaced so as to prevent the breakage of hair. Egg treatments are good for black hair because they can stop breakage. For hair that has been chemically straightened or for one that is damaged, it is important to feed the hair with protein on every alternate weeks.

Get it trimmed regularly

While this may sound as being counterproductive for one who wants to grow hair long, this is true. In order to grow hair naturally, it is important to trim it occasionally. It is recommended to trim hair at regular intervals to prevent the split ends from damaging the hair completely. When the hair ends are split, they travel up to the shaft damaging the hair completely. It is therefore important to trim the split parts to avoid complete breakage of hair. It is also important to note that trimming suggests cutting out one-fourth or one inch and not more.

Try to stay natural

Keeping the hair natural and free of chemical processes would make help black hair grow naturally. If the hair is subjected to regular damage and breakage due to chemical processes on it, they should be stopped immediately. While a majority of women are getting their hair permed or straightened chemically, the processes are not fully harmless on the health and quality of natural hair.

The Secrets to a Better and Longer Life

Secrets for a longer life are something that have been chased by people for centuries. Everyone wants to stay as youthful as possible and to attain that, they are ready to go any lengths. Here are some of the simple ways for a healthy and long life.

Eat simply

Almost all the centenarians live as simply as possible. This directly translates to their diets, mainly composed of plants with variety of legumes, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fruits and seeds. This secret for a longer life simply signifies modest eating and the practice of fasting once in a while. Okinawans use the reminder “Hara hachibu”, meaning that one should be eating until he/ she is 80% full. The best thing is to practice eating a heavy breakfast, a medium-sized lunch and a small dinner.

Find purpose

Having a purpose in life tops any longevity list in addition to moderate exercise and eating habits. Centenarians all over the world are happy people, having a reason in getting up the next morning. Therefore, one should always be thinking about their purpose in life. Another way in keeping curiosity at its peak is by trying to keep learning each day. One of the biggest secrets for a longer life is in never losing the childlike curiosity.

Secrets to a Better and Longer Life

Get active

Being active is as vital as practicing healthy eating habits but it is not at all related to the intense gym activities one is accustomed to now-a-days. One should find something that they enjoy such as taking the dog on walks or spending some time in the vegetable garden. Such low intensity physical exercises can be of great benefit in the long run.

Reduce stress

These days, everyone has the tools in creating quiet places for themselves and greatly minimize the stresses of present-day living. Meditation and yoga are amazing practices that one can do in group settings or privately. Deep breathing techniques, restorative sleep, laughter and adequate amounts of drinking water are some of the many secrets for a longer life. One should schedule time with family and friends who make them laugh or go through a book that tickles the funny bone. Painting or writing journals can be great relaxation promoters a swell.

Have a social circle

Strong emotional connections with family and friends protect an individual from depression, isolation and mental illness. Love and intimacy, for human beings, are as important as water and food. One must spend more time in cultivating connections with their parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, friends, neighbors and co-workers.


One’s personal faith and spirituality are the secret elixirs in their lives. Faith allows one to find the inner peace, accepting life the way it is and coming to terms with the gap between reality and expectation.

Butt out

Smoking has and always is a sure-shot technique of heading straight to the morgue. Now if one does smoke, then they should seek help as early as possible before it’s too late.

Know How to Get Fit at Home and Stay Healthy

Life has gone busy for every individual which has restricted them to indulge in physical activities to remain healthy. This is one of the reasons they do not find time to go out and hit the gym or exercise. This is why most people are searching for different ways on how to get fit at home and stay healthy.

Trying a DIY boot camp

Outdoor boot camps can be quite fun since everyone likes fresh air and good challenge. Creating a boot camp is always easy and it is more fun with groups. So all one has to do is gather up few friends and hit the local park with plenty of trees, open space, benches and various other landmarks. The duration needs to be chalked out before brainstorming on the different kinds of cardio and strength exercises one can perform using the things around them. Getting creative is the buzzword here with exercises such as triceps dips using a park bench, push-ups with feet on curb, seated squats using a tree and hill repeats.

Popping in workout DVDs

With a vast collection workout DVDs offered in the market including dance, Pilates, kickboxing, strength, there is almost nil excuse in not working out at home. While most of these DVDs ask little use of any equipment, others allow using everyday household items such as chairs for support and cans as dumbbells.

How to Get Fit at Home

Going for a walk

This is something that comes naturally to almost all of us and all it requires is a pair of supportive shoes. When it comes to dealing with things like how to get fit at home, this one here is the simplest of the lot. Beginners should be hitting the road at a pace, while seasoned exercisers should be trying speed walking in intervals followed by slow-paced walk.

Try yoga

All one needs is a mat and their body. From online workouts explaining the various poses to a range of free YouTube videos, today an individual can try any yoga style without leaving their living room. Workouts can be downloaded and stored on smartphones, allowing one to take their practice outdoors. Yoga might not be known for burning calories but can be great for flexibility and muscle building. Also, it can be an amazing stress reducer as well.

Taking a hike

Hiking can be an incredible aerobic workout and calorie-burner not to mention it being a beautiful and fun way in spending an afternoon. All one requires to do is grab a loved one or a friend, pack some food and water (consider getting custom nalgene bottles that are convenient for such trips) lace up the hiking boots and hike themselves fit. If you are wondering as how to get fit at home then hiking can certainly be an alternative.

Turning housework into workout

The usual household chores can be turned into an intensive workout regime. The key here is focusing on such cleaning activities that require high calorie burning like vacuuming, scrubbing and washing windows. Now to truly feel the burn, one can always throw-in some lunges, push-ups or squats.

Know What to Eat When You Have the Flu

Are you thinking of what to eat when you have the flu? The question plagues most people suffering from flu. It is important to take care of what is eaten during the condition lest the flue gets aggravated. Here are some of the foods that are good when you are having flu.



This has been continually suggested to people suffering from flu from ages down. Soup has a healing effect besides being full of nutritional value. It can be vegetable soup or chicken soup or mixed soup. Chicken soup is rich in protein and has anti-inflammatory effect. Drinking hot chicken soup will reduce the inflammation of the sinuses and the nasal passages. When vegetables are added to the soup, they add anti-oxidizing properties and phytochemicals that help in a speedy recovery.



It is important to drink water in good quantity when you have flu. It will primarily keep the body hydrated and would then relieve the congestion and would thin out the secretions so that it becomes easier to expel mucus. Water is a better and safer choice than most caffeinated beverages. Such beverages have diuretic effect and they can cause dehydration as well. The sugary juices can have the effect of inhibiting the ability of the body to fight the virus.

Vegetable juice

Vegetable juice

There is yet another thing that can keep you hydrated and energetic. Vegetable juice is good for flu conditions. For people who are diabetic or are overweight, vegetable juice offers a better option than fruit juices that might, in some cases, contain sugary content. It is highly nutritious and consists of immune boosting ingredients. While eating plenty of vegetables is also a way, it can sound a little difficult as suffering from flu reduces appetite.



Ginger is very effective and you can add ginger to a cup of hot tea to be relieved when you have flu. Ginger was considered to be an effective medicine in the early times as it treated nausea, diarrhea, and stomach aches. When there are stomach issues due to flu, taking minced or chopped ginger can offer relief for soothing your stomach. Ginger ale is also a good option as it is contains ginger root extracts. However, it is important to choose a ginger ale while avoiding those that contain high sugar content.

Ice pops

Ice pops

The ice pops can have an embalming effect on sore throat. It works by numbing the area temporarily. It also helps in alleviating the gagging reflex which sometimes occurs with the flu. It is to be remembered that all of the ice pop are not good. It is better to avoid such brands that contain high doses of sugar and contain artificial flavors. The natural brands are best to be opted as they are made from pure fruit juice.

Top Hangover Myths and Facts

The popular and well-known hangover myths and facts are as fanciful and as varied as the spirits that cause them. All of these myths and facts ask for a closer look so that one gets to learn what hurts and what works with them.

Eating a greasy meal

Eating a greasy meal

A queasy stomach can be soothed up by putting down the alcohol and eating something instead. But it isn’t exactly mandatory in hitting up the local diner or 24-hr drive through. A heavy meal in fact may make the stomach feel even worse.

Drinking more alcohol

Drinking more alcohol

“Hair of the dog” may make one feel human again but that’s temporary. Also, when it wears off, one has to pay a hefty price as well. The best idea here is to drink non-alcoholic beverages, since hydration has always been the key in kissing that hangover goodbye.

Sweating it out

Sweating it out

By the time when one is feeling up to exercise, it simply means that the alcohol has metabolized and there is nothing to sweat out. One should always keep a note of the fact that alcohol is diuretic and therefore it is important to drink plenty of fluids, especially if one has manage to get to the gym.

Taking vitamin B

Taking vitamin B

When it comes to hangover myths and facts, this one here is amongst the most popular ones. Sucking down some vitamins may make people feel good about them to ward off hangover blues. But, that is all about it is good for. B12 and B6 or a combination of numerous Vitamin B’s are rumored to help but there is no such reliable evidence going for it.

Turning to herbal remedies

Turning to herbal remedies

The market is filled with countless cure-alls, with many of them containing milk thistle that is used in curing everything from liver disease to heartburn. Unfortunately, there is no such thing like an anti-hangover pill. Also, there is no proof that milk thistle really helps in protecting the liver or with hangover symptoms. This milk thistle herb, however, can cause stomach related, unpleasant side effects and also may negatively interact with specific medications.

Hangovers are unisex

Hangovers are unisex

Free drinks need to be enjoyed cautiously on Ladies’ Night. Women are likely to be affected more than men by alcohol because women have higher fat percentage which cannot absorb alcohol. This is certainly a well-known and common believe among the hangover myths and facts.

Spirits before beer

Spirits before beer

It has and always been the alcohol amount and not the drinking order that matters. But still, drinking order might affect that amount one consumes. Alcohol intake slows down when one switches to beer from cosmopolitan cocktail for the remaining night. Now, switching to shots from beer can accelerates one’s path to drunkenness.

Drinking coffee

Drinking coffee

It not only leads to further dehydration but could make the hangover worse. It is highly recommended that one stays away from caffeine the next morning. Instead, the lost electrolytes can be replaced by sports drinks and water.

Electronic Cigarettes – How Switching from Tobacco can improve your Health

One of the unhealthiest things that you should give up is smoking tobacco products. Alongside alcohol and drug abuse it is one of the main causes of illness and death in the modern world. One alternative is to switch to electronic cigarettes such as Freshcig. Of course, it will also make your finances healthier too, allowing you to enjoy your life more comfortably – especially considering the average 20 a day smoker can save around £2,000 a year.

So, what can you expect if you carry on using tobacco products? We take a look at the effects smoking can have on the body and a few of the main benefits of switching below.

Lung function

The main organ that takes the brunt of your tobacco smoking habit is your lungs. Tar, carbon monoxide and up to 4,000 chemicals enter them. This affects your lung function massively. Cilia, the tiny hair like particles contained within them, attempt to prevent infection by moving the mucus, which traps dirt and pathogens, out of the lungs via a wave like motion. Tobacco smoke destroys them.


(Credit: Image courtesy of Theeradech Sanin /

After 24 hours of not having a cigarette your body has eliminated any traces of carbon monoxide and breathing becomes easier after 72 hours. Those are pretty quick results. From three to nine months your breathing improves as your lung function increases up to 10%.


Your lungs take in Oxygen which enters the blood and is pumped around the body by your heart. When you smoke, a chemical called Acrolein enters the blood and effects the way in which the body processes cholesterol. This clearly leaves more of the cholesterol in the blood stream, which can lead to fatty deposits being built up around the walls of blood vessels. The fatty deposits mean that you are at risk of high blood pressure as the amount of room for the blood to travel around the body is reduced. After years of smoking, clots can occur because of this leading to health problems such as heart attack or stroke.

20 minutes after having a cigarette your blood pressure and pulse will return to normal and between 2 and 12 weeks the circulation around your body improves.

Your heart

Putting Carbon Monoxide and chemicals into your body doesn’t do any of your organs any good but it especially affects the heart. Your ticker has to work a lot harder as it struggles to act with less Oxygen in the blood stream and fight to force it through thinner arteries and blood vessels. Heart muscles can become strained and weaker over time as a result of working harder which can lead to coronary heart disease.

As soon as you stop smoking, your heart will not have to work as hard and your risk of developing heart related problems will reduce. After 5 years your risk of having a heart attack is half of that of a smoker and after 10 years of not smoking your risk of having a heart attack is the same as someone who has never smoked.

Know the Important Pregnancy Food Facts

Every woman should know the pregnancy food facts in order to ensure better health of her baby and hers. It is important to take proper foods during pregnancy because taking food which is not appropriate for the time would affect the health of both the baby and the mother.



Fish is an important food and the most recommended food during pregnancy. It is important for the growth and development of the brain and nervous tissues of the baby. An expecting mother should be given 1 to 3 serves of fish in a week. However, there are some fishes that should be restricted from being consumed as they contain very high levels of mercury. Fishes like marlin, swordfish, and broadbill should be consumed at least twice every fortnight, while catfish and should be avoided to the extent possible. Canned tuna can also be eaten.

Dairy products

Dairy products

Dairy products are healthy for pregnant women. These contain calcium in generous amounts that is needed during this period. Calcium helps in the growth of teeth and bones of the unborn baby. Cream and cheese also contain some of the essential vitamins. Women who do not consume meat should consider dairy products necessarily. Milk is regarded as a complete food containing a number of vital nutrients. Cheddar cheese and yoghurt are useful too.

Magnesium rich diet

Magnesium rich diet

It is important to offer magnesium-rich food during pregnancy. Sufficient amount of magnesium when included in the diet resists such severe diseases as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Magnesium is helpful in the mineralization of bone, protein building, and the regulation of body temperature. The nutrient plays a vital role in liberating certain useful enzymes that regulates such functions as production of energy and contraction of muscles in the body. It also plays an important role building up the health of the baby. Foods rich in magnesium include nuts, low fat dairy products, dried fruits, and whole grains.



Inclusion of the right amount of fiber aids in a healthy digestion. Deficit of the right amount of fiber during pregnancy can cause disorders in the intestines. Fiber that has no nutritional value is useful for the digestive track. There are two basic kinds of fiber, soluble and insoluble. The soluble fibers can dissolve in water forming a gummy substance. The sources include dried beans, peas, fruits, barley, vegetables, psyllium, oats and lentils.

Vitamin D is important during pregnancy

Vitamin D is important during pregnancy

Vitamin D is generally formed in the skin by the action of sun’s light. The smaller amount that the body needs to complete the need of the nutrient comes from margarine, egg yolks, and fish. For the development and strengthening of bones of both the baby and the mother, it is important to feed the mother with Vitamin D rich foods during pregnancy.