Father's Age Linked to Child Health Problems

A major study conducted on millions of people recently revealed that a varied number of problems and disorders found in school- going children are linked to delayed fatherhood. Increased rates of bipolar disorder, autism, ADHD, substance abuse problems, suicide attempts, and schizophrenia were all reported under the study. It is blaming mutated sperm but says that the advantages that older fathers bring to the table may outweigh other problems.

Father's Age Linked to Child Health Problems

It has no starting point from which the risk might start increasing, rather the risk factor increases with increase in age. However, the total amount of risk is likely to stay low. Even if the chance of an unusual disorder gets doubled, it is highly unlikely that it would be affecting the child.

Dr. Brian D’ Onofrio, a researcher, said that he was quite shocked after getting the details of the study which revealed a bigger risk than what was estimated previously. He added further and said that the study implied delayed child bearing to be linked with increased rates for academic and psychiatric problems as well. The research suggests that doctors, families and society must take into account both the advantages and disadvantages of delayed childbearing.


Behavioural Issues in Children Linked to Acetaminophen Consumption During Pregnancy

A new research has revealed that new-borns of women who used acetaminophen for pain relief during pregnancy are more likely to develop behavioural problems such as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Journal JAMA Paediatrics published the study, in which data of 64,322 ladies, who enrolled into National Birth Cohort of Denmark between 1996 and 2002, and their children were analysed by researchers. After each trimester, ladies were asked whether they had acetaminophen during the period. The ladies were surveyed later when their children reached 7 years of age. They were asked about their pro-social and anti-social behaviour pattern of their children. Researchers also observed prescription of Ritalin, which is commonly used in treatment of ADHD, to the children in the group.

Behavioural Issues in Children Linked to Acetaminophen Consumption During Pregnancy

In short, the result showed that consumption of acetaminophen by mothers increased chances of ADHD, Hyperkinetic Disorder (HKD) and other behavioural problems in their children by 20% to twice as otherwise. Kids of ladies who used the painreliever in all trimesters have even greater chances of such behavioural issues. More than 50% women took acetaminophen. Dr Jeff Chapa clarified that the study does not indicate that acetaminophen must be forbidden during pregnancy but repetitive use should be avoided.

10 Essentials for Healthy Travel

There is no person on this earth who would like to ruin his or her long planned and saved dream vacation due to a cold, painful sunburn or stomach trouble. Therefore, it is always very important to have a very clear idea about the things that should be taken on a travel vacation in order to enjoy every bit of the vacation. The 10 essentials for healthy travel have been provided below and they should be taken by individuals who travel a lot.

1. Sunscreen


SPF sunscreens or sunscreens with sun protection factor should be chosen to be taken for a vacation because sunscreens help in protecting the face and the body from the UVB and the UVA rays of the sun.

2. Antiseptic


Antiseptic is a must to be taken for a healthy vacation in order to clean small scrapes that can turn infectious in moist and hot climates. Antiseptic wipes are available in the market and even bottles can be fetched from the market.

3. Insect repellents

Insect repellent should always be taken on a vacation because mosquitoes generally feed during dusk and dawn and they are found to be attracted to sweat. At the same time people should also try wearing long-sleeved and clean clothes and should also have clean hands and feet to avoid bites.

4. Antihistamines


Antihistamines are necessary to be carried at any vacation because they help in reducing inflammation and itching caused due to insect bites and allergies.

5. Anti-diarrhea pills

Anti-diarrhea pills

Anti diarrhea pills contain loperamide that help in reducing the effects of diarrhea caused due to overeating or any other kind of food infection. However, they help in stopping diarrhea symptoms and are not able to do away with the cause of diarrhea.

6. Rehydration sachets

Rehydration sachets are very important to be taken for the holidays because they help in replacing the salts and the fluids that are lost due to vomiting, excess sun and diarrhea. There are ready made sachets available in the market or else people can also prepare rehydration drinks by adding salt and sugar to plain water.

7. Mosquito net

A mosquito net is considered to be significant for sleeping in countries where malaria is a common disease. People on a holiday should choose mosquito nets that are impregnated with the use of insect repellent.

8. Anti-malarial drugs

Anti-malarial drugs are considered to be very important to be taken on a holiday but it is equally important to consult a doctor before taking anti-malarial drugs.

9. First aid provision


First aid provisions that are considered to be very basic such as tweezers, plasters, bandages and dressings should always be kept handy for a healthy travel to a different country.

10. Emergency medical provisions

Emergency medical provisions include sealed and sterilized syringes, needles and sutures for travelling to those places where dentists and hospitals do not possess proper sanitized equipment. These are the 10 essentials for healthy travel that are compulsory to be taken on a holiday.

10 Foods for Better Sex

The people who have a very strong desire of sizzling back into their sex life, then the best thing that they can choose is good food that helps in setting the right mood for sex. A dinner that is cooked at home can serve to be very romantic for a sexy night as it helps in taking the heat up. There are certain foods that contain components and vitamins that enhance sexual experience and sexual function. The 10 foods for better sex have been elaborated below.

1. Avocados


Avocados are very rich in their content of unsaturated fats and at the same time they are very low in fats that are saturated and this is the reason why avocados are considered to be very good for the arteries and the heart and it also helps in avoiding erectile dysfunction in men.

2. Almonds

Almonds with raisin

Almonds have always been considered as dry fruits that help in increasing passion and they work in the form of sexual stimulants and at the same time they also help with fertility. Almonds are very rich in minerals and nutrients required for sexual reproduction and health like selenium, vitamin E and zinc.

3. Strawberries


Strawberries contain vitamin B and folic acid that helps in warding off certain birth defects found in women and can also lead to an increase in the sperm count among men.

4. Seafood


Seafoods, such as oysters are known to boost the libido and set the right mood for having sex in spite of the fact that they possess a slimy texture and are slippery. They contain zinc that boosts the libido and there are different other sea foods like oily fish that are also known as sex boosters.

5. Arugula


Arugula helps in arousal because it contains antioxidants and minerals that are very helpful in boosting the sexual health of an individual. Arugula is dark and leafy and it is very good at absorbing certain environmental contaminants that have a very negative impact on the libido.

6. Figs


Figs contain insoluble and soluble fiber, which is considered to be very health of the heart of an individual and at the same time figs also work in the form of fertility boosters.

7. Citrus


Citrus is a fruit family of tropical nature and members of this family are considered to be very rich in vitamin C, folic acid and antioxidants that boost the reproductive health in men.

8. Unsweetened tea

Unsweetened tea

Unsweetened tea contains an antioxidant called catechin that helps in promoting blood flow throughout the body for brain power and sex power. At the same time unsweetened tea also enhances focus, memory and mood.

9. Black raspberries

Black raspberries

Black raspberries contain phytochemicals that enhance sexual endurance and libido. Black raspberries help is setting the right mind and the right mood for having sex.

10. Broccoli


Broccoli can work wonders in the bedroom whether it is taken sautéed, raw or cooked because of the fact that broccoli is very rich in its content of vitamin C which helps in blood circulation and improves female libido. These are the 10 foods for better sex that can always fetch great results in the bedroom.

Is Orthorexia a real condition?

When he coined the term Orthorexia Nervosa in 1997 to describe an unhealthy obsession with eating healthily, Dr Steven Bratman ignited a debate that continues today.  Is it an obsessive-compulsive disorder like anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa or not?

It is not recognised as such by the American Psychiatric association and is not included in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Indeed, acknowledging that he is not an eating disorder specialist, Bratman himself does not claim that it should be included. He does, however, say that Orthorexia Nervosa is an obsession in which some individuals become so fixated on healthy eating that in rare cases it can lead to malnutrition or death.

Orthorexia Nervosa is an apparent eating disorder in which people focus on the quality of food they eat, as opposed to disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa in which sufferers are concerned with the quantity. It begins with a rejection of processed foods and those with artificial colouring and flavouring, foods that have been treated with chemicals like pesticides and may also include animal products. Those with the “disorder” will eventually limit themselves to eating only fresh foods they have bought (or grown) themselves and that which they have prepared themselves. This results in them withdrawing into a world dominated by their obsession with “pure” foods and can lead to their withdrawal or exclusion from society and to dietary habits that are in fact harmful.


Dr Bratman’s book “Health Food Junkies:  Orthorexia Nervosa: Overcoming the Obsession with Healthful Eating” (published by Random House, 2004) analyses the problem and offers solutions for those afflicted. In the book, he identifies Orthorexia Nervosa as an obsession with the quality of food eaten rather than the quantity and claims that sufferers adopt increasingly rigid diets that lack essential food groups and nutrients leading to poor health and emotional well being and to breakdowns in personal relationships.

The symptoms include:

  • Avoidance of: preservatives, artificial flavours and colouring; food treated with herbicides and pesticides; fat, salt and sugar; and diary or meat.
  • Drastic restriction of food choices.
  • Increased consumption of herbal remedies and supplements.
  • Irrational concerns over food preparation and food hygiene.
  • Over-concern about the relationship between food and health.
  • Guilt feelings after straying from a diet regime.
  • Avoidance of food prepared by others.
  • Criticism of others who do not follow a rigid diet.
  • Self-satisfaction from “healthy” eating.
  • Distancing from others with different views on food.
  • Excessive time devoted to thinking about food and diet.

According to Dr Bratman, Orthorexia Nervosa usually begins innocently enough with a desire to eat healthily for any number of reasons. These can be psychological like body image, irrational fears, spiritual satisfaction, self-punishment and escapism. But there are also more practical reasons such as allergies to certain food groups or physical intolerance of certain foods. Taken to the extreme, the result is Orthorexia Nervosa.

Dr Bratman’s contention is that some individuals become so fanatical about eating healthy food that they become obsessed. They restrict their diets to the extent that they virtually withdraw from social interaction in case they are exposed to unhealthy foods and, more dangerously, eschew all other foods, not recognising that their own food choices are failing to provide all the nutrients their bodies need, leading to ill-health and, in extreme cases, death.

But there are many advocates of healthy eating who disagree with the notion of Orthorexia Nervosa being an obsessive-compulsive disorder, and some who even scoff at the idea. How, they argue, can someone be defined as having an illness simply because they prefer to eat simple healthy food as opposed to processed or artificial foods or foods they believe to have a toxic affect on the body?

The answer, of course, is that there is nothing wrong with choosing to eat healthy food. However, that is not what Dr Bratman is suggesting; indeed, he admits that he was once himself an enthusiast of eating healthy food to the exclusion of non-natural and treated foods. Rather, he is suggesting that some people go too far.

There has been limited scientific examination to determine the prevalence of Orthorexia Nervosa. Dr Bratman devised a simple yes/no questionnaire to decide if a subject had Orthorexia but the most quoted test is the ORTO-15 multiple-choice questionnaire (based on Dr Bratman’s) devised by an Italian team headed by L M Donini. Using this test in a survey, the results of which were published in “Eating Weight Disorders” in 2005, the team found that 6.9% of subjects might have Orthorexia Nervosa while just over 17% were defined as being “health fanatics”. A similar study in Turkey among doctors in Turkey found that some 45% were overly sensitive in their eating habits.

The concept of Orthorexia Nervosa is relatively new and what research that has been done suggests that it is a very real condition and that it is related to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, but that it is also closely allied to obsessive-compulsive disorders and could be treated as such. However, as yet there is neither a universally accepted definition for Orthorexia Nervosa nor are there sufficiently verified diagnostic criteria.

While the experts continue to debate the status of Orthorexia Nervosa, the fact is that some people do succumb to an overwhelming and eventually irresistible urge to maintain what they perceive to be a healthy diet at any cost. To the layman this would appear to be obsessive-compulsive behaviour that requires treatment. And, in fact, medication and cognitive behavioural therapy has proved to help sufferers effectively overcome their problem.




Top 10 Myths About Safe Sex and Sexual Health

A doctor serves to be the perfect person for getting any kind of information about sexual health but in spite of this fact, there are many people who because of anxiety, convenience and privacy try searching the internet for certain answers to their important and intimate questions. The teenagers of today are mostly found suffering from some misconceptions and myths of sexual health and life at present. The top 10 myths about safe sex and sexual health have been provided below.

1. Using toilet seat can make you suffer from STD

STD or sexually transmitted diseases cannot be passed by sharing toilet seats because they cannot live outside the body. Therefore this myth is completely wrong instead people must try and avoid skin rubbing and deep kissing that can cause herpes, genital warts, public lice and scabies.

2. Women cannot get pregnant the first time they have sex

It is completely unlucky but it is in fact true that women can always get pregnant on their first sex because first sex is very similar to having sex on other days.

3. Women cannot get pregnant during their periods

It is something unlikely, but possible and especially when a couple does not make use of birth control or condoms. Women who have very long periods overlapping with the time of ovulation can gain fertility while menstruating.

4. Pap smear is required by women when they are 18 years old

A pap smear or test is no longer recommended for women who turn 18 and at present it is a test that can be done only when a woman becomes sexually active or turns 21.

Myths About Safe Sex

5. Morning after pill can lead to abortion

Morning after pill that is also called plan B is not at all similar to RU- 486 that causes abortion. Morning after pill makes no difference if taken by a woman who is pregnant.

6. Minors cannot get morning after pill without prescription

Morning after-pills are available to women who are seventeen and above and it is a completely wrong notion that minors cannot get morning after-pills without any kind of prescription.

7. Pills for birth control make a woman gain weight

Studies have proved the fact that there is no relation between the pills for birth control and the weight gain among women who take these pills. There are certain contraceptives that can lead to gaining weight but women who take such pills are informed prior to taking these pills.

8. The use of intrauterine devices is not at all safe for adolescents

Intrauterine devices or IUDs are generally small tools that are inserted via the cervix and then placed in the uterus in order to avoid pregnancy. This is done for women who do not like to take pills for birth control on a regular basis. It is completely wrong to think that IUDs lead to pelvic inflammation and are not safe.

9. Getting HPV shot means remaining safe from cervical cancer

HPV shot not always helps in warding off the chances of getting cervical cancer and therefore it is important to have Pap tests on a regular basis in order to avoid the chances of getting cervical cancer.

10. Douching helps in cleaning the vagina healthily

The vagina is a part of the body that is self-cleansing and the process of douching that cause a lot of harm to the vagina. These are the top 10 myths about safe sex and sexual health that people should remain aware of.

The Best and Worst Foods for Sex

Most people are of the view that it only takes a romantic song and a few candles to make some sexy and to improve one’s sex life, but there’s something much more to sexy than just a romantic song and candles. People should always have this in mind that a lifestyle that is healthy in the form of the food that is taken and the exercise that is done, also plays an important role in making a person feel and look better and in bringing about great improvements in the sex life of an individual. There are some foods that work as libido and mood killers while there are some that boost the libido and the mood of an individual. The best and worst foods for sex have been listed below.

Sprouted grains

Sprouted grains

Sprouted grains are very rich in their content of vitamin B complex and this is the reason why sprouted grains help in relaxing all the systems present within the body and also serve to be important in helping produce hormones. The B vitamins present in sprouted grains help in calming and strengthening neurons that work along with hormones present in the nervous system and the brain and hormones subsequently play an important role in intimacy, intercourse, attraction and in the growth of sperms and eggs.

Leafy greens

Leafy greens

Leafy greens such as cabbage, spinach and kale are very high in their content of calcium that boosts the health of the cells and even vitamin A that helps in producing sex hormones. Healthy cells heighten the sensitivity of sexual pleasure and therefore it is recommended to have green juice before a passionate night for heightened sensitivity and desire.

Beans, seeds and nuts

Beans, seeds and nuts

Beans, seeds and nuts contain fatty acids that work as fuel for certain cells that are considered to play a very important role in sensitivity, pleasure and desire. Raw foods should always be taken because they provide energy and also boost sexual responsiveness.



Oysters are known to be very rich in their content of zinc, but they should not be taken from the nutritional point of view. Oysters work in the form of scavengers that are very good at absorbing parasites and toxins. They are not so good for hormones that have a direct impact on the health and the sexual performance of an individual.


Un cuore nel cioccolato

Chocolate for sexual health is somewhat debatable because it possesses a high content of fat and cholesterol that are very good at clogging the arteries. The arteries that are largely affected by chocolate are the vaginal and the penal arteries because of the fact that they are very small and they can collect plaque very quickly. This makes it very difficult to achieve and maintain orgasm and arousal. These are some of the best and worst foods for sex that can have a large impact on sexual health of an individual.

6 Proven Ways to Lose Weight for Good

It is a very general notion that is followed by people all over the world that in order to be successful in losing weight it is important to burn extra calories that consuming them. But there are very people who can manage to lose weight by burning calories because they find their bodies reacting to certain stern measures of weight loss being taken up by an individual. Therefore, it is very important to take expert help while trying to lose weight.

The best method that helps in losing weight is working with an individual who is trained as a health care professional. Here are the 6 proven ways to lose weight for good that can be tried out by people who like losing weight without facing any side effects.

1. Consulting a dietician

A dietician works in the form of a food coach and he or she helps a person in losing weight in a systematic manner. A dietician has a methodical look at the eating habits, stressors, snack triggers and daily schedule of an individual and only then does a dietician come up with a nutritional plan. A dietician is the best person who can be consulted for chucking out the methods and the safest ways in which people can lose extra calories and shed off some body weight.

2. Cognitive-behavioral therapy

People who suffer from emotional eating and various other issues such as disordered eating, anxiety and depression should always consult a professional mental health care specialist who carries out counseling sessions for bringing about changes in the unhelpful thoughts and behaviors of a person. It is a cognitive health therapist who can help an individual in losing weight by identifying the triggers that lead to overeating, chucking out strategies for the management of stress and giving an individual an insight into various kinds of psychological issues.

Proven Ways to Lose Weight

3. Visiting spa for weight loss

People who keep themselves prepared for certain changes in the body for a long term, but at the same time they prefer jump-start for the purpose of pushing them in the correct direction should always visit a spa that provides services in weight loss. The spas that offer weight loss services provide fresh and light food and some seminars on topics like nutrition so that they are able to educate people about the benefits of losing weight.

4. Consult a doctor about diet drugs

Diet drugs are the drugs for people who have certain weight problems due to high pressure of blood, cholesterol or diabetes. It has to be kept in mind that there are no drugs available in the market that can help in shedding off weight instantly, but certain prescription drugs are found in the market that can always help in losing a considerable amount of weight in accordance with exercise and a healthy plan for a diet.

5. Enroll for weight loss program

Again, people who suffer from weight related issues of the health, such as high blood pressure and diabetes can always go for the medical weight loss programs that are very intense and less cushy.

6. Shop smartly

Shopping for certain foods and drugs that help in losing weight should be done smartly because there are many weight loss products available in the market that are utterly a disaster as they are ineffective. These are the 6 proven ways to lose weight for good and these ways are not only safe but they are result oriented.

The 8 Best Fat-Blasters

People now-a-days are very busy and they hardly have the time to visit the gym and it is only because of this reason that most people now-a-days look for the Cardio exercises and blast fat on an immediate basis. There are people who wonder about such exercises that would help them get rid of the extra fat in their body and at the same time not require them to visit the gym. Such people should not bother anymore because here are the 8 best fat-blasters that have been etched out for amazing bodies.

1. Inline skating

Inline skating

It is believed that inline skating burns approximately 425 calories within thirty minutes. Many people might be surprised at this figure, but this is true. Skating is considered to be fun, but it is a kind of exercise that helps in blasting fats and calories. The muscles of the thigh and the butt get burnt because of their side-to-side movement and at the same time it is also found that the entire body gets involved in this exercise in order to keep its balance.

2. Running

Man Jogging on Open Road

Running is said to burn 374 calories in thirty minutes and it is considered to be the best exercise that can tone the muscles of the body and help in keeping the body fit. People who run a lot are found to be lean and sleek and the reason behind this is the fact that while running the muscles of the core, the butt and the legs get toned as they are majorly used while running. However, it has to be kept in mind that running should be practiced with alternate slow and fast intervals.

3. Jumping rope

Jumping rope

Jumping rope can burn at least 340 calories in thirty minutes and it is therefore considered to be the best fat blaster. Jumping rope not only burns fat but also helps in proper digestion and intake of food that ultimately works for the body. Alternately, one foot and double foot jumping can be practiced for better results.

4. Hula hooping

Hula hooping

Hula hooping is a fun activity that burns 300 calories in thirty minutes and it makes the body appear very beautiful. Hula hooping is considered to be an important calories and fat burner as it uses the entire body movement and helps the body in getting rid of extra fat present at various parts of the body.

5. Tennis


Tennis is a sport that is said to burn 272 calories in thirty minutes. This does not mean that it is important to have a partner in order to break the sweat with the racket. People can also practice tennis all alone for blasting fat by getting hold of a flat area very close to a garage door or a wall that can be used for hitting the ball against it.

6. Dancing


Dancing is again a fun activity that burns 221 calories in thirty minutes and it is considered to be an amazing calorie burner as it burns fat and calorie is a bunch. Dancing not only works as a fat blaster, but at the same time it boosts the metabolism of the body apart from being fun and excellent.

7. Walking vigorously

Walking vigorously

The activity of walking vigorously is said to burn 170 calories in thirty minutes. In this case it should be noted that a stroll is not being spoken over here, but it is brisk walking that is being illustrated because only brisk walking that makes it difficult to have a steady conversation can help in blasting the excess fat and calorie of the body.

8. Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing

This is a plyometric exercise that burns mega calories and at the same time strengthens the muscles of the thighs, hips and the core. These are the 8 best fat-blasters that can always help in toning the body and giving it a perfect shape.

10 Fun Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym

There are many people who have a ready excuse at their disposal of not staying fit because of not being able to afford the membership of a gym. This is a completely unreasonable excuse that most of the people are found providing. A gym or a health club serves as the best place for working out, but it should not be considered as the only place that can be used for staying fit. There are different others ways that can also be used in order to stay fit and healthy and the most common 10 fun ways to get fit without a gym have been mentioned below.

1. Bootcamp

A Bootcamp serves to be a fun way to keep oneself fit without having to attend the gym on a regular basis. Bootcamp can be created all alone, but it would be more advantageous to organize a Bootcamp with friends in a park with trees, open spaces, landmarks and benches.

2. Use of DVDs for workouts

Workout DVDs are readily available in the market and these DVDs can help in having a workout that keeps the body healthy and also does not require an individual to visit a gym. There are various kinds of exercises that are found in the DVDs such as dance, Pilates, kickboxing and strength which can help a person remain fit.

3. Walking

Walking is considered to be the most effective activity in trying to remain fit and at the same time it is a simple exercise as it requires nothing except a pair of shoes that support the legs.

Fun Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym

4. Circuit training

Circuit training falls into the category of strength and Cardio training that is done at the gym and circuit training can be done at home in a very easy way.

5. Yoga

Yoga is one of the best exercises that can be done anywhere because it requires just the body and a simple mat for the yoga to be done. There are various poses that can be tried out by the help of the websites available online and even there are Yoga videos available in the market.

6. Hiking

Hiking is considered to be real workout as it burns calories and it is also an aerobic workout which serves to be a beautiful and a fun way to exercise and keep the body fit.

7. Calisthenics workout

Calisthenics workout includes various types of day to day movements such as pushups, sit-ups, lunges and jumping jacks that can be done easily at home. These are fun exercises that burn calories and tone the body without having to do much.

8. Play

Just having fun and playing can also help in a great way in keeping the body fit and healthy. People can always try engaging themselves in any kind of sport, playing video games or just dancing in the living room as these are certain forms of exercises that can be of great help in lighting up the body and making it active.

9. Run

Running serves to be a very advantageous and effective gym-free exercise and the results it produces are very similar to the results produced in the body due to walking. These are the 10 fun ways to get fit without a gym and they can be of great help for the body of an individual.

10. Gym-free exercises

Gym-free exercises or activities such as swimming, dancing and playing badminton are known to benefit the overall health of an individual and they are best to try. These exercises also let you enjoy your free time with your loved ones.