Know What Affects Vaginal Health

The overall health of a woman is considered to be very important and vaginal health constitutes a major part of the overall health of a woman. Is there really something that affects the health of the vagina and if the vaginal health issues do exist need to be tackled on time. Problems of the vagina […]

The Causes and Symptoms of Small Vessel Disease

The condition where small arteries located in the heart are found to get narrowed is known as small vessel disease. Chest pain is the most common sign of this disease that can also lead to various complications of the heart. This disease is also known as coronary microvascular ailment and is diagnosed with blockages found […]

Steps to Prevent Heart Disease

There is no medication required to prevent heart diseases. Sometimes heart diseases are unpreventable but there are however some simple steps to prevent heart disease that can be easily be used to ring about a reduction in the chances of suffering from a heart disease. The most common techniques that can be tried out in […]