Carrying Out Step by Step Self Examination for Skin Cancer

It is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation that people should practice the step by step self examination for skin cancer so that new lesions or the lesions that have gone through certain changes can be detected because such lesions can be precancerous or cancerous. Skin cancers that are found early can be removed earlier and they are also curable. There are certain things that have to be looked for while conducting a self examination for skin cancer and most importantly the symptoms need to be detected.

If anything suspicious is detected during the examination, it should be immediately reported to the doctor. A lighted room and a full-length mirror are the things that are required for the examination. Then the body is required to be checked part by part in the following manner.

Step by Step Self Examination for Skin Cancer

Examine the face

The face should be the first area that should be examined. The facial skin along with the mouth, ears, lips and nose should be checked thoroughly. All parts of the face such as the ears, lips and mouth are required to be checked in front and also at the back. One or two mirrors can always be used to get a very clear view.

Inspecting scalp

The scalp is an important area that requires examination because people usually do not give much thought towards examining the scalp because it is not exposed to the sun. The scalp should be examined by taking the help of a blow dryer and also a mirror so that each section of the scalp can be examined thoroughly.

Check the hands

The hands should also be checked carefully. The front and back of the hands, palms, area between two fingers, and skin under the nails of fingers, wrists and forearms are the areas that require proper examination. Also it has to be kept in mind that both the back and the front of all the areas should be examined so that no part is left unexamined or unobserved.

Upper arms and underarms are also important

A full-length mirror should be used to examine the elbows and for scanning all the sides of the upper arms and the under arms. Often people seem to ignore the underarms but they should be examined thoroughly because underarms are the areas where moles seem to develop in large numbers.

Torso, neck and the chest

The chest, torso and neck should go through an examination after following the above mentioned steps. Women should even lift their breasts to examine the underside of their breasts for any kind of changes or infections.


The entire back should be examined by taking the help of a mirror that is handheld along with a full-length mirror. Check the back of the neck, shoulders, upper arms and upper back. The buttocks and backs of both legs can also be examined in the same way.

Legs and toes

The sides of the legs, toes, genitals, ankles, feet tops, toenails and thighs can be examined very carefully by sitting down on a chair or a stool and making use of a mirror. The heels and soles should not be left un-examined. This is the perfect method for step by step self examination for skin cancer that should be taken into account in order to reduce the chances of developing skin cancer.

Dysplastic Nevi Causes and Prevention

Atypical moles are also known as dysplastic nevi that can also be the major cause of melanoma. These are benign moles that are unusual and are very similar to melanoma and people who have a large number of these moles are prone to developing melanoma. The patients with melanoma are generally found to possess these moles in comparison to the general population. People who possess dysplastic nevi should have a very clear idea about dysplastic nevi causes and prevention so that the necessary steps for the eradication of this disease can be taken beforehand.

dysplastic nevi

What are the major causes of dysplastic nevi?


Heredity or family history can be considered as the major cause behind the development dysplastic nevi that can result in melanoma. However, individuals who do not have a family history of such moles can also develop melanoma in the extreme cases.

UV light exposure

The exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun is considered to be one of the major causes behind the development of dysplastic nevi. Dysplastic nevi are considered to be very weak and it is only because of this reason that they are highly affected by the harmful rays of the sun.

Damaged immune system

Dysplastic nevi also appear in people who do not have a good immune system. In such people there is a lack of the required energy that is needed to fight off various diseases of the body and this is the reason why multiple cancers start developing in such people.

Contact with chemicals

There are certain harmful chemicals that trigger the appearance of dysplastic nevi causing cancer and therefore people should always be very careful in trying to avoid coming into contact with such chemicals.

What are the prevention methods for dysplastic nevi?

Knowing the skin

It is very important to know the type of skin possessed by an individual. People should remain aware of the moles that they possess in different areas of their body so that the risk of cancer can be avoided.

Skin examination

Skin examination should also be carried out on a regular basis so that any changes in the moles and the other conditions of the skin can be noticed and then reported to the doctor for proper treatment. Suspicious symptoms and signs should also be discussed with the doctor.

Reduce sun exposure

New moles can form on the skin due to regular exposure to the sun and therefore it should be kept in mind that the sun should be avoided to a large extent.

Regular eye examinations

Eye examinations should also be carried out because benign moles like dysplastic nevi can also appear in the eyes. Knowing the dysplastic nevi causes and prevention methods can serve to be very effective and advantageous for people.

Types of Eye Allergies and Their Effects

Eyes are the window to your body. They help you see the whole world and reflect your mind. However, this statement can’t be held true, if your eyes are itchy, swollen, red or watery. Some of the allergic symptoms of the eye are highly distressing and call emergent need of visit to an ophthalmologist. Usually eye allergies lead to irritation, but some of them cause severe damage to the eye that can affect your eyesight also.

Classification of eye allergies

There are several types of eye allergies and they can simply be classified as IgE mediated as well as cell-mediated effects. One of the diseases known as Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis that holds allergy signs but is possible an imitative sensation. Some other allergies of the eyes are mentioned below.

Types of Eye Allergies

Seasonal and Perennial Allergic Conjunctivitis

SAC and PAC are most common types of eyes allergy. Though estimates differ, but both the allergies have affected around 15 to 20% of the global population. Symptoms for both the infection is almost same. While SAC occurs due to airborne pollens especially in summer and spring, PAC can occur all through the year by getting exposed to perennial allergens. It leads to redness of eyes, itching, conjunctival swelling and watery eyes. The swelling could be moderate or serious.

Vernal Kerato Conjunctivitis

VKC usually occurs in warm season and summer months. It is common in the tropical region. Usually, young people get affected by Vernal Kerato Conjunctivitis before puberty. For patients who have a historical allergic record to pollens often face VKC. The symptoms of this allergy include eye itching, discharge of water, swelling and redness. Patients often go photophobic.

Atopic Kerato Conjunctivitis

It is the eye equivalent of atopic dermatitis. Eczematous cuts are seen on the eyelids or other parts of the body. Skin cuts are reddish in color and much elevated. The lesions are itchy, and scratching them makes it itchier. The skin of the eyelid gets fine with texture of sand paper. Sometimes AKC people can get atopic cataracts. Often AKC patients are seen undergoing cataract operation at an early age.

Contact Allergy

It is an allergic condition mediated by lymphocytes. The allergens of the disease are chemical and small particles that mix with protein of the skin to form allergens. It occurs on the skin as well as eyelids. The initial feeling is seen in few days and the reaction reaches the top after 2 to 5 days. This happens due to slow traveling of lymphocytes. The disease is usually linked with itching.

With so many eye allergies around you, people should be careful with their eyes. Eyes form to be the most delicate part of your body. And, its protection is of great importance for everyone. Thus, one should always be protective to his eyes.

10 Best Healthy Snacks for Good Health

People who have strong intentions of improving their health and losing substantial amount of their weight should always bring about some distinct changes in the way they eat. There are some everyday snacks that people love to eat but these snacks are not healthy for the body. Health conscious people should try taking in the 10 best healthy snacks that have been listed below.

1. Baby carrots

Baby carrots

Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A and fiber and therefore they can be taken in the form of a healthy snack by offering the carrots a very mild ranch dressing. Light ranch offers good taste to the carrots and makes them really snacky.

2. Green pepper

Green pepper

Green pepper is also a powerful fiber source and it is a crunchy snack that can be taken with ranch dressing that does not produce any negative impact. Green pepper is considered to be very healthy if it is taken in the form of snack on a daily basis.

3. Cucumber with hummus

Cucumber with hummus

Cucumber contains vitamins and it also helps in satisfying the crunchy cravings in people. Dill hummus can be used along with cucumber for the satisfaction of salty craving in people.

4. Walnuts


Walnuts should be taken regularly in the form of snacks because walnuts are a rich source of omega 3. These nuts also turn out to be very effective in treating bad cholesterol conditions in people. Bad cholesterols can be transformed into good cholesterols by the intake of walnuts.

5. Mozzarella cheese and grain crackers

Mozzarella cheese and grain crackers

Crackers of whole grains help in satisfying carbohydrate craving and these crackers also contain antioxidants and fibers that help in restoring proper health conditions of the body. Mozzarella cheese has protein and vitamin benefits and it also helps in keeping the body full for a very long time.

6. Edamame


Edamame is rich in protein and fiber and it should be taken in the form of finger food. Sea salt can also be added to edamame for extra flavor.

7. Raisins and almonds

Almonds with raisin

Raisins and almonds serve as perfect sweets and they also have a crunchy and salty taste that makes them a very good snack that can be taken regulalrly. Almonds contain good fat and raisins work in the form of a good source of fiber that is very healthy for the body.

8. String cheese

String cheese

String cheese that is low in fat, sodium and cholesterol can be taken as a snack because it possesses proteins that help in keeping a person feeling full for a very long time.

9. Peanut butter with sliced apple

Peanut butter with sliced apple

Apples are very rich in vitamin C and fiber and apples taken along with peanut butter can serve to be very healthy as a snack because it also helps in keeping a person full for a very long time.

10. Berries


Berries of different kinds like blueberries, raspberries and strawberries contain antioxidants and fibers and they rank among the 10 best healthy snacks that can be taken regularly.

The 5 Secrets to a Flat Stomach

Although losing belly fat is one of the most challenging tasks to face but you can actually lose your whole belly fat in as low as one month. All you need to know is the right kind of food, eating habits, and few simple exercises that you are supposed to do on a regular basis.

1. Avoid skipping breakfast

Most of the people try to skip their breakfast in order to quickly lose their breakfast. Believe me or not but it’s true that skipping breakfast is more likely to put you at the risk of overeating during your next meal time. Breakfast is the most important part of healthy life style. It provides you with energy you need for the whole day. So, make sure to have proper and healthy breakfast.

2. Always prefer white meat over red meat

While losing your belly fat, you should try to concentrate on white meat instead of red meat. This includes chicken, turkey and fish. Here too you should avoid having the fried types. This is because red meat is more likely to add to your belly fat. At the same time fried items whether meat or other tends to accumulate more fat in your body.

Secrets to a Flat Stomach

3. Perform cardiac exercises regularly

Aerobic exercises can increase your metabolism for as long as up to 24 hours. Higher the metabolic rate of your body, greater is the chances of burning good amount of fat and calories. Cardio exercises include running, sprinting, swimming and many others. At least 30-45 minutes of intense cardio work out is required every day. You can choose one depending on the health and comfort level of your body.

4. Belly strength training

This is the most important part of losing belly fat. It includes forward flexion that includes sit ups and crunches, side flexion like side bends and side crunches, rotational workout like trunk rotation and standing twist. Proper rest and controlling the consumption of carbon, fat, sodium or sugar is also a part of belly strength training.

5. Avoid alcohol

You should avoid alcohol as much as possible if you really want to lose belly fat quickly and effectively. Beer is fattening and alcohol itself affects your food choices in a very bad way. Although low levels of alcohol can enhance the efficiency of your digestive system helping you to lose fat quickly but still it is not an acceptable method of losing your belly fat.

By following above mentioned tips to lose fat, you can be sure that you are about to lose your belly fat quickly and in the best possible way.

The Pros and Cons of Breast Feeding

Making the decision of breast feeding a child after pregnancy is a typical and personal thing that most women find hard to go with. Although there are some compelling reasons to breast feed a child but selecting not to do so doesn’t mean the end of this world. Here are some pros and cons of breast feeding to help women make an informed decision while considering the breast feeding of their child.

Pros of breast feeding

Antibiotic properties of breast milk

The initial milk of a new mother is extremely rich in nutrients and it also has many natural antibiotics. So, a baby who is breast feed is likely to develop an infection or suffer illness.

Lowers risk of disease

Babies who are breastfeed are shown to have low risk of developing diseases like diabetes and asthma even in the later stages of their life.

Pros and Cons of Breast Feeding

Develops bonding between mother and child

Breast-feeding is a process that lets both baby and mother to bond with each other. So, it is a great way to let the little one feel comfortable and loved during the initial days of his/her life.

Helps mother lose weight

By breast feeding a new born baby mothers can significantly lose the weight they have gained during their pregnancy. It helps to burn as much as 500 calories during the whole day.

Health benefits to mother

Breast feeding has some direct benefits to offer to the health of mother. This includes lowered risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis when compared to other women.

Cons of breast feeding

Although breast feeding is highly beneficial to your new born baby but there are some pitfalls associated with it. Giving up the time to feed your child in an awkward position is the first of them. Other disadvantages of breast feeding are discussed here.

  • You are likely to feel tired more often because of extra calories burned while producing the milk.
  • In breast feeding, your baby is likely to latch your nipples in more than one ways and this can lead to stress, depression and even soaring or tenderness of your nipples.
  • If your breasts get too full with the milk, it can lead to a painful condition, leaking of your nipples.
  • The biggest disadvantage is the huge discomfort associated with breast feeding and it includes plugged milk ducts, engorgement and others.

10 Tips to Increase Male Fertility

Males are responsible for infertility in more than half of infertile couples. Low sperm count, problems with sperm motility are the usual reasons associated with male infertility. Here are the top 10 tips to aid in healthy sperm production, increase male fertility and thus achieve conception.

1. Adopt healthy life style

Eating good amount of fruits and vegetables along with low fat dairy products helps your body to function properly, which significantly enhances the rate of sperm production. Regular exercise not just improves body shape but it also helps to improve male fertility.

2. Avoid stress

Either believe it or ignore it but it’s true that stress adversely affects rate of sperm production leading to male infertility. So, you should give sufficient time to de-stress and relax yourself and the best way to do that is to participate in activities that you really enjoy.

Male Fertility

3. Nutritional supplements

There are various types of nutritional supplements available in the market. Supplements that contain vitamin C and zinc in high proportions help to increase testosterone levels, sperm motility, sperm count and prevent male sperm from clumping or sticking to each other.

4. Exposure to sun

Recent studies have revealed that sun exposure boosts testosterone levels in humans, which helps to increase the rate of sperm production in men.

5. Watch your medicines

There are some medicines that negatively affect the sperm motility and rate of sperm production. So, be careful with your prescribed medicines and make sure to avoid over the counter prescriptions without the recommendation of a registered and experienced physician.

6. Take good amount of anti-oxidants

You should include more and more antioxidants in your diet. They play a major role in preventing damage to body cells. As sperm is also a cell, they also help to prevent damage to your sperms.

7. Avoid drinking and smoking

Alcohol significantly reduces the quantity and quality of sperm. It can even lead to impotence. Smoking leads to immobility of sperm. So, drinking and smoking should be avoided as much as possible to maintain good health of male sperm.

8. Follow good sex routine

Regular sex is important but too much sex significantly lowers the amount of sperm found in semen. Remember, quantity, quality and timing of sex is most important when it comes to conceiving.

9. Avoid using lubricants

Use of lubricants during sexual intercourse interferes with the mobility of sperm. So, you should avoid the use of lotions and creams while having sex with your partner.

10. Avoid wearing restrictive clothes

Heat adversely affects sperm production in human males. Constricting the testes by wearing tight clothes negatively affects human sperm production. Similarly, you should avoid taking hot baths and using laptops and other similar devices on your lap for long durations of time.