10 Warning Signs Your Bones Are Thinning

Bones are the structural frame for the human body and their health is essential for you to perform usual activities. Disorders like Osteoporosis, which is caused due to excessive thinning of bones, can be prevented by checking the warning signs your bones are thinning. 1. Fractures due to less likely causes Bones are meant to […]

20 Age-Busting Power Foods That Help Maintain Younger Look

Growing old is a natural phenomenon but the physical impact of old age is something that hardly anyone likes. The 20 age-busting power foods described below may not stop the cycle of age but certainly diminish the effects and signs of growing age. 1. Asparagus Asparagus contains vitamins, folate and prebiotics, which help probiotics flourish […]

10 Surprising Clues You'll Live to 100

Many people desire to live as long as 100 years. See for yourself whether these surprising clues are being reflected in your life. You’ll live to 100 only if you notice that the following “requirements” are being fulfilled by your body. 1. The number of adult relatives on the family tree About 50% of those […]

Male Infertility: Know the Facts and Myths

Infertility is more than just a medical concern because people‚Äôs future and lineage depends on it. Knowing the facts about male infertility and myths are essential knowledge every man should know to ensure healthy conception and continuation of lineage. Male infertility has been attributed to many causes, some of which are correct, some await evidence […]

10 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic

Most of us are always searching for ways to silence your inner critic. Excessive self-criticism usually backfires as it leads us in focussing more on the failures than on the ways in which we could have improved by learning from our mistakes. 1. Putting negative stuff aside A tiny blunder gets inflated into a gigantic […]

10 Surprising Obesity Facts

Obesity is on its way to become an epidemic case, especially in the developed countries. Much is being done and even more is being said about the problem but the surprising obesity facts reveal the real health report-card of population throughout the globe. 1. BMI Body Mass Index or BMI is the ratio of a […]

10 Foods for Beauty and Better Health

It is a well-known fact that actual beauty comes from within and these effective foods for beauty and better health help a person to achieve just that without the need to search for any other alternatives. 1. Goji Berries Also known by the name wolfberries, these berries contain eight essential amino acids along with trace […]

5 Signs of Early Menopause

The signs of early menopause are disturbing and disheartening as they mark a severe change in the biological life of women. Menopause is most evidently the inevitable phase in the life of a woman and one cannot escape the phase. It is important to consult a gynaecologist when a woman experiences the symptoms of menopause. […]

10 Ways to Combat Menopause Naturally

There are several ways to combat menopause naturally which help in dealing with the situation cleverly and removing any kind of annoyance. There are different things involved in the ways that need to be followed. It ranges from the way you breathe to the way you dress. 1. Breathing techniques This is an important point […]

5 Causes of Kidney Problems in Women

There are several causes of kidney problems in women. In fact, recent studies show that the number of women suffering from kidney diseases is also on the rise. Most of the women who are detected with kidney diseases are above the age of fifty. A number of factors influence and trigger kidney problems in women […]