Top 10 Facial Exercises That Are Pretty Effective

Medical experts have revealed that facial exercises can really help in fighting the signs of aging and keep the wrinkles at bay. As one ages, the skin tends to wrinkle and sag around the cheeks, chin, forehead and eyes. Lifestyle habits like alcohol, smoking and consumption of caffeine add to the process of aging. To […]

FDA Orders Shut Down of Over 1600 Online Pharmacies

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a statement that says about 9600 websites have been banned and illegal medicines over $41 million worth were also seized. This international crack down on illegal medicines had let to the closure of over 1600 online pharmacies. The FDA’s Office of criminal Investigations Director, John Roth said that […]

10 Ways to Slow the Aging Process

It may sound a bit cliché, but age, in fact, is a state of mind. It is true that one can’t escape the process of aging completely, but there are a number of enjoyable and easy things one can do so as to to make themselves look younger and feel better. People might follow some […]

Large NIH Sponsored Trial Reveals no Reduction in Cardiovascular Events in Type 2 Diabetics

A large NIH trial that was sponsored has revealed that even with a major lifestyle changes, there were no significant reductions in the cardio vascular events among the type 2 diabetics. The Look Ahead trial results were made available at the meeting of American Diabetes Association and were also published in the New England Journal […]

No Need of Antibiotics for Treating Kid’s Sinusitis, Says Study

According to new guidelines published by a group of paediatricians, doctors need not prescribe an antibiotic for treating the acute sinus infection in kids. Instead they can follow a wait-and-watch-approach to check whether the infection clears off on its own, says the guidelines of new American Academy of Paediatrics. The chairman of the Acute sinusitis […]

Regular Iron Intake During Pregnancy Reduces Risk of Small Baby

Pregnant women must take daily iron supplements as it can minimize the chances o having small baby and anaemia says a research made by the Harvard University. Studies made on two million pregnant women revealed that even a small proportion of iron lowered the risk of being anaemic by 12% and low birth weight by […]