Top 10 Facial Exercises That Are Pretty Effective

Medical experts have revealed that facial exercises can really help in fighting the signs of aging and keep the wrinkles at bay. As one ages, the skin tends to wrinkle and sag around the cheeks, chin, forehead and eyes. Lifestyle habits like alcohol, smoking and consumption of caffeine add to the process of aging. To perk up the face, one should be doing some of these top 10 facial exercises on a daily basis.

Facial exercises

Smoothing the forehead

One finger should be placed gently over each eyelid. Then close your eyes and hold eyelids in position while lifting the eyebrows. The position needs to be maintained for around 10 seconds and then releases gently. Repeating this process 3-5 times can help to firm the forehead muscles. This is also believed to release tension.

Lifting the eyebrows

This can be a great addition to the facial exercises. Place your middle finger beneath your eyebrows and then push it half an inch. Release it after staying in this position for about 10 seconds. It will be of great help if the process gets repeated twice.

Lifting the lower eyelid

This is a common place which shows the age. You should be extra-cautious in not pressing hard the tender tissues in this region. Gently place their fingertips at the top of your cheek bones. Staying in this position, you should tilt your head back with the eyes open. Then you should close your eyes without moving the fingers and count till 10. This process needs to be repeated twice to show results.

Reducing droopy eyes

Place your fingertips on your temples and gently pull toward the face’s outside. The skin needs to be held in place as you tightly squeeze the eyes shut. After counting till 10, release it slowly. This needs to be repeated 3-5 times.

Lifting the cheeks

Place the base of your hands on top of the cheekbones and then widen your mouth to give the biggest smile possible, until the cheek muscles push the hands up. Holding it in this position, you should count slowly till 10. You can repeat the process twice for better results.

Firming the eye area

With the eyes closed, you should lift your eyebrows as much as possible. Relax fter staying in this position for 10 seconds. You can repeat the process three times for better results.

Lifting the neck

Sit upright in your chair keeping the back straight. Then, you should slowly tilt your back until you face the ceiling. Mouth should be relaxed and closed. Then, slowly you should jut the chin and move the lower lip up so that it covers the upper lip. Relax, after holding this for 10 seconds. A repetition of this facial exercise 10 times can reap great benefits.

Lifting the chin

You should sit in a chair with your head tilted back. Then you should slowly try to form an “O” with your lips and stay in this position for 15 seconds. For better results you need to repeat the process at least thrice.

Overall face tightening

Sitting upright in a chair, you should be saying the vowels with an exaggerated movement in your lips.

Tightening the jaw and cheek

With your mouth closed, you should separate the teeth and suck in your cheeks. After counting three, you should smile widely with your mouth closed.

The ones mentioned above are among the popular facial exercises which are known to be effective. Although they might sound to be funny, they have the potential to work very well.

FDA Orders Shut Down of Over 1600 Online Pharmacies

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a statement that says about 9600 websites have been banned and illegal medicines over $41 million worth were also seized. This international crack down on illegal medicines had let to the closure of over 1600 online pharmacies.

The FDA’s Office of criminal Investigations Director, John Roth said that owing to these illegal online pharmacies, the health of the American consumer were at risk as these medicines were dangerous. This being a continuous battle between the US and abroad, FDA would continue to strive hard to enforce criminal law and regulate the efforts.

FDA Online Pharmacies

“Operation Pangea VI” was a joint effort by FDA, INTERPOL and other international organization that were of medical and enforcement in nature. This operation has closed over 1677 websites of all the illegal ones from June 18th to 25th this year. This is the biggest Internet based action of law enforcement.

Most of these sites were depicted as “Canadian pharmacies” that had fake medical license, certifications etc displayed on their website to create an impression among the people that they were buying from a genuine website. Other stores managed to have used the names of popular domain names such as or c-v-s

New Brain Scan Research Supports Food Addiction As “Real”

The recent brain scan research has revealed that in some people food addiction might be real. This includes craving for foods with potatoes or the tendency to consume white bread. The research were conducted on 12 overweight men and it made sure of MRI to monitor the activity during four hours period soon after eating a meal. This period according to experts highly influences the eating pattern until the next meal.

Food addiction
This study also calculated the levels of blood sugar and hunger during that period. The meals offered to these men were two milkshakes that were same in respect of sweetness, taste and flavor. The main difference was that one milk shake had high gylcemic index carbohydrates and the other one had lower ones. The high GI carbohydrates converted as sugar in the blood stream faster. This is present in high ranges in white rice and breads. The low GI on the other hand is found mainly in wheat products and sweet potatoes.
The study also revealed that the high consumption of carbohydrates were similar to the ones that were found processed foods which can trigger hunger pangs and stimulate the brain to induce cravings for food items.

10 Ways to Slow the Aging Process

It may sound a bit cliché, but age, in fact, is a state of mind. It is true that one can’t escape the process of aging completely, but there are a number of enjoyable and easy things one can do so as to to make themselves look younger and feel better. People might follow some simple ways to slow the aging process and look younger for a longer period.


1. Inverting once every day

Fitness experts and therapists, from modern ancient yoga gurus to the present physiologists rave about the advantages of inversions. It helps in strengthening and stimulating the circulatory system, boosting the immune system, nourishing the glands and organs above the heart and providing a break to the body’s vital organs by going against the gravity.

2. Maintaining posture

A good posture should always be maintained. It acts as an anti-aging “device” because standing up taller helps the body to take in more amounts of oxygen. Proper oxygen is needed by the body’s cells to function correctly. It also helps the body to eliminate harmful toxins and helps one to be more alert and energetic.

3. Getting fresh air and Vitamin D

Vitamin D is considered by many doctors to be the ultimate anti-aging solution. It is because Vitamin D helps in nourishing the skin, memory, bones, heart, arteries and also helps in fighting cancer. Fresh air helps in rejuvenating the body, with sunlight initiating the production of serotonin.

4. Locating a sauna

It has a great potential in reducing the wrinkles and helping one to look a lot natural. Saunas in relaxing the muscles and help the kin to reduce the toxins which contributes in wrinkle formation.

5. Taking in Vitamin C as much as possible

It helps the body in making collagen, which keeps the skin elastic and firm. To promote the production of collagen, one should be consuming plenty of Vitamin C-rich foods like kiwis and strawberries.

6. Stress should be kept in check

This being one of the most important ways to slow the aging process can really work wonders. Stress comes in numerous shapes, strengths and sizes. Reducing stress with mediation can help one to feel a lot younger. Meditation also helps in strengthening the immune system and healing many illnesses.

7. Breathe

If one is planning to look younger, then they should be adding some deep breathing exercises in their anti-aging program. When one breathes deeply, it oxygenates the system. It also helps in to exhale more carbon dioxide. Breathing deeply also helps in massaging the stomach, heart, liver and other organs, which in turn keep them young and healthy.

8. Getting out of the comfort zone and staying inspired

Travelling is one of the unique ways to slow the aging process, especially when you travel to a new place all the time.  It is not always necessary to make the trip an expensive one, budget tours can be made easily.

9. Keeping the romance alive

It is the spark that helps one to stay young. It is the most intimate and possibly the ultimate form of connecting socially. Romance can be kept up by sharing a candlelit dinner, making a nice homemade gift or dancing the night away to one’s favourite song.

10. Getting a youthful glow

One can attain a glowing skin by consuming foods such as walnuts, salmon, flaxseed and chia, which contains omega-3 fatty acids.

Large NIH Sponsored Trial Reveals no Reduction in Cardiovascular Events in Type 2 Diabetics

A large NIH trial that was sponsored has revealed that even with a major lifestyle changes, there were no significant reductions in the cardio vascular events among the type 2 diabetics. The Look Ahead trial results were made available at the meeting of American Diabetes Association and were also published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Diabetes measure glucose surag level blood test

The study was conducted on 5145 people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes who were offered intense lifestyle changes, low-calorie diet for weight-loss and work out regime. The investigators have plans to conduct the study for over 13 and half years to identify the significant difference in the events that are cardio vascular in nature. But after 9.6 years of scrutinizing and monitoring process, the trial was stopped.

About 418 people were in the control group while the intervention group had 403 people but the cardio vascular events were found in the people who belonged to the control group. The results were very consistent among other sub groups and there were no secondary outcomes and differences among the individuals. The authors of the study also felt that the weight loss achieved by the study group represented that others can achieve it in real life with right kind of approaches.

10 Tips for Healthy Eyes to Ensure Right Eye Care

Most people face issues with their eyes or eyesight due to negligence towards the care required. Eyes feed more information to the human’s brain than all the other sense organs combined. An eye expert would definitely list out some simple tips for healthy eyes which are very easy to practice in our daily lives.

Healthy Eyes

1. Adequate Caffeine

Coffee, tea and other caffeinated drinks are good to prevent dry-eye issue. Two cups daily ensure proper secretion of tears, which cleansesthe eyes. But more than two cups may have a reverse effect and cause irritation.

2. Contact lens case replacement

Contact lens cases are generally stored in purses, pockets, bathrooms, etc., which usually act as a breeding ground for bacteria. So, the best choice is to replace lens cases at short intervals. Besides, the cases must be stored in dry and clean places.

3. Diet

Green leafy vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, kale, or spinachand dark berries such as blackberries and blueberries should be included in the diet. They are best to be eaten in their unprocessed forms. They contain lutein which prevents loss of sight.

4. Eye protection

Like sunscreen for skin, eyes need protection too. Sunglasses that offer 100% screening against UV-A and UV-B must be worn by both kids and adults, especially in regions where sun is harsh.

5. Information regarding personal health

Ophthalmologists must be informed about relevant health conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, etc. There are certain medical conditions that may directly or indirectly impact eyes.

6. Interior air quality

It is important to maintain the moisture in the air inside the rooms where air-conditioners or heaters are used. Dry interior air may irritate the eyes.

7. Regular eye exams

Especially for people above 40 years of age should opt for routine eye check-ups. The most significant benefit of this practice is early detection of severe diseases or disorders that the examinee may suffer. Thus, situations are controlled before they even turn bad.

8. Saline solutions

The first aid or home medical kit should be stocked with eye care products, especially saline solutions. Eyes must be rinsed with saline solutions when they accidentally come in contact with unwanted (non-hazardous included) elements.

9. Timeout for break

Eye is one of the worst victims of digital technology, without which the existence in the modern world is tough to imagine. People who remain glued to LEDs and digital screens should look at objects that are a few feet away for a few seconds every few minutes. Blinking of eyes is natural means of refreshment. People should intentionally do so if they have lost the involuntary characteristic due to consistent concentration.

10. Travel kit

In order to have healthy eyes people should keep Eye lubricants with them while travelling. They can quickly use in case of irritations at places such as aeroplanes.

For those who are constantly facing issues with their eyes it is recommended to implement some of the basic tips for healthy eyes so that their eyes remain protected.

10 Nutrient-Rich Super Foods to Keep You Healthy

Packed with antioxidants, minerals as well as vitamins, nutrient rich super foods help the body to fight against various types of diseases and ailments. There are several foods which can be consumed on a regular basis and help people in remaining healthy. Here is a list of 10 nutrient rich super foods that will help in improving your overall health.

1. Grapes

Grapes that are dark in colour come loaded with antioxidants, phytochemicals which help the body in fighting against heart diseases and cancer. Two phytochemicals namely proanthocyanidin and anthocyanin are particularly important for the immune system.


2. Red Berries

Berries like strawberries and raspberries are a great source of ellagic acid. They protect the body against cancer causing agents found within the environment as well as diets.

Red Berries

3. Blueberries

The remarkable ability of blueberries to protect the cells of the body from getting damaged and lower the inflammation certainly makes them a great source of nutrients. The minerals and vitamins contained within blueberries strengthen the immune system and phytochemicals help to fight against heart diseases and cancer.


4. Nuts

Nuts are regarded as one of the best nutrient rich super foods. Along with good dosage of healthy fats, nuts offer small amounts of carbohydrate and protein. Different types of nuts offer different profile of phytochemicals, types of fat and minerals. Majority of nuts consist of phytochemicals like plant sterols and resveratrols that help in lowering cholesterol.


5. Orange vegetables and sweet potatoes

Sweet and white potatoes offer vital nutrients like vitamin B6 and C, fibre and potassium. Majority of orange vegetables contain good amount of phytochemicals. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, whereas acorn squash and butternut are rich in Vitamin C and A.

Sweet Potatoes

6. Dark Green Veggies

Most of the dark green veggies are rich in nutrients which help to fight against diseases. Green veggies are also considered as nutrient rich super foods simply because of the fact that they offer nearly all types of vital vitamins like A, E and C along with calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Dark Green Veggies

7. Whole Grains

Whole grains help in significant improvement of health as they are rich in selenium and zinc along with phytochemicals. They keep the body protected against heart diseases and cancer.

Whole grains

8. Tea

Green tea is a rich source of phytochemicals and also contains antioxidant properties. Antioxidants like proanthocyanidin and anthocyanin help to fight inflammation.


9. Fish

Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in plenty in fishes. It helps to fight against coronary heart diseases. Apart from that they also provide Vitamin D. Some of the best fishes which are rich in nutrients are tuna steak, mackerel, wild rainbow trout, salmon, sardines, etc.


10. Beans

Beans are considered to be a powerful package of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Soy and green soybeans offer selenium, zinc, calcium and vitamin C.


Therefore, if one wishes to maintain a healthy body then these nutrient-rich super foods can really be effective. Besides, these are among the most cost effective solutions for staying healthy.

No Need of Antibiotics for Treating Kid’s Sinusitis, Says Study

According to new guidelines published by a group of paediatricians, doctors need not prescribe an antibiotic for treating the acute sinus infection in kids.

Instead they can follow a wait-and-watch-approach to check whether the infection clears off on its own, says the guidelines of new American Academy of Paediatrics.


The chairman of the Acute sinusitis academy’s subcommittee said that when the kid with the infection does not look ill, you can wait for some days to see whether there is an improvement. The earlier guidelines that were passed in the year 2001 recommended antibiotic treatment for those kids who have acute bacterial sinusitis. The condition lasts for over 10 days with persistent symptoms of a sinus infection.

So waiting for 3 more days within the period of 10 days is safe to observe the symptoms of kids improve without an antibiotic medicine. But all these would be carried out on healthy and active kids and not on kids with a sick or pale look. On such conditions immediate treatment with antibiotics would be recommended. These new set of guidelines were published in the Paediatrics journal on 24th June which have triggered off a few concerns as there might be an overlap over common cold and sinusitis.

Regular Iron Intake During Pregnancy Reduces Risk of Small Baby

Pregnant women must take daily iron supplements as it can minimize the chances o having small baby and anaemia says a research made by the Harvard University.

Studies made on two million pregnant women revealed that even a small proportion of iron lowered the risk of being anaemic by 12% and low birth weight by 3%. In UK, pregnant women are not advised iron supplements unless their iron levels are low. Serious issues owing to iron deficiency affect women in poor countries.


The study conducted by British Medical Journal study revealed that based on 90 random trials held on pregnant women in China and Tanzania, for every additional dosage of 10 mg iron daily, the risk of small baby with led body weight and anaemia were low. Also it increased the birth weight of 15 g with every 10 mg iron consumed every day. But it had no impact on the record of premature births.

Studies also reveal that deficiency of iron was a major cause of anaemia during pregnancy specifically in countries that are low in income. At various low and middle income countries, over 32 million women who were pregnant were affected during the year 2011.

Morning After Pill Hits Over the Counter with No Age Limits

The morning after pill, Plan B One Step is finally going over the counter. The FDA approved the sales of this pill yesterday without placing any restrictions on age limits in using this emergency contraceptive pill.

This move is made after the administration of Obama ending months of legal battles with a promise of federal judge would take care of it. This was because various advocates of women’s health had pushed for making these birth control pills easily available and accessible for over a decade.

Morning After Pill

Speaking about the statement of approval, FDA drug chief Janet Woodcock said that “Over-the-counter access to emergency contraceptive products has the potential to further decrease the rate of unintended pregnancies in the United States.”

But it is unclear that how this pill, Plan B One Step would be made available sooner from pharmacy counters to drug store counters.

Usually customers used prescriptions to buy this pill and if without a prescription, they had to prove that were above 17 years. The FDA has required the pill to be made available after repacking it to denote the change to which the maker of the pill, Teva Women’s Health did not show immediate response.