Top 10 Infectious Diseases That Signify the Importance of Health

Among the following top 10 infectious diseases, some are still epidemic, some have been restricted considerably while others have been completely eradicated. 1. Anthrax Inhalation or eating of Anthrax spores or physical contact with organisms that have ingested its spores causes the infection. Anthrax viruses multiply within the body and destroy host cells to cause […]

Childhood Eating Disorders and Their Effects

According to experts, childhood eating disorders do not usually take place until and unless the child is suffering from serious weight issues. But, thinness portrayed by media as a healthy option can have serious effects on the overall health of the children. Majority of children refuse to eat which is a common thing among children. […]

Some Common Types of Infectious Diseases in Children

Infections are known as one of the major threats or reason behind diseases among children. Children being less strong to deal with germs and other tiny living organisms hold the highest possibility to acquire infectious diseases. Infectious diseases in children are usually caused due to germs and other similar organisms which are capable of infinitely […]

17 Natural Ways to Increase Fertility

It might be quite effortless for some women to get pregnant while there are many others for whom getting pregnant might be delayed due to various reasons. Read on to know more about natural ways to increase fertility. Getting pregnant without any difficulties isn’t quite common these days. Well, there might be many reasons behind […]

The Autoimmune Disease Symptoms

The autoimmune disease is a problem where the immune system in the body starts attacking different tissues and substances. This term is used to define more than hundreds of diseases and some of them are lupus, arthritis, rheumatoid, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Sjogren’s syndrome etc,. Though sometimes it becomes difficult to predict the disease, but some […]

Symptoms and Consequences of Blood Clotting Disorders

Impairment in blood’s ability to clot is what leads to blood clotting disorders. The disorder is genetic and inheriting certain conditions like protein S deficiency, protein C deficiency, prothrombin, 20210A mutation, anti-thrombin deficiency, and Factor-V Leiden. A huge number of people throughout the world suffer from Thrombophilia, which is the condition of increased rate of […]

Seasonal Allergies and Their Effects

The seasonal allergies mostly occur during fall or spring. People with low immunity in their body face problems from these viruses and some of the perennial allergies last all year round. The main viruses that trigger these allergies are pollen, molds, etc. Some of the important points to know about the seasonal allergies are. Symptoms […]

The Different Types of Immune System Disorders

The immune system of a human body is the most efficient and strongest mechanism of protecting the body against different types of diseases. When the immune system encounters some parasite or disease causing germ, it destroys that immediately. However, there are times when the body’s immune system does not work the way it should and […]

Understanding Heart Disease Symptoms and Treating Them

There are different signs that heart diseases show and each problem must be treated separately. One needs to know about them in order to treat them properly. Some of them include coronary artery disease, heart attack, congestive heart failure, etc. it is important to consult a doctor and get a corrective diagnosis done. One should […]